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This week’s featured phrase: “Leading the path ahead” by Xi Jinping.
This week's featured phrase: "Leading the path ahead" by Xi Jinping.

This week’s featured phrase: “Leading the path ahead” by Xi Jinping.

cult of personality
This has sparked a tendency for taking authorship of various policy areas and a fondness for asserting personal dominance. It has also resulted in

Some of the various nicknames belonging to Xi., including “the immortal compass” and “Compass-in-Chief.”

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The popular account formerly known as “Twitter” under the name “RealPressSecBot” has undergone a temporary suspension.

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According to reports from People’s Daily and Xinhua, as published by their articles on…
to the more modest (“economics”)

This compilation was put together by a group of volunteers and spans from 2015 to 2024. The topics range from big aspirations like “humanity’s future development” to more down-to-earth areas such as economics.
CDT has reposted and reiterated the political focus of the 20th National Party Congress, the regional goal of enhancing economic integration within Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, and the athletic priority of advancing the growth of winter sports in China.
translated the list, with some added context and background links.

The expression “charting the path ahead” is also listed as one of the 104 pieces in our newly published ebook.
China Digital Times Lexicon: 20th Anniversary Edition
The complete entry is replicated below.

Providing a clear direction for future progress.

Xi Jinping’s frequent use of the phrase “forging ahead towards…” (also translated as “Xi Jinping points the way forward for…”) in official Chinese government translations has become a subject of parody and a widespread meme due to its overuse during his lengthy tenure.

21st-century authoritarianism.

Since coming into power in 2012, Xi Jinping has steadily developed a type of authoritarianism suited for the 21st century.personalistic rule unseen since the era of Mao Zedong. Hallmarks of his centralized rule include the promotion of “Xi Jinping Thought,” a long-running anti-corruption campaign

He has eliminated some of his opponents in the political realm.indefinite extension

“The duration of his time in office”

Strengthening his position as the “core” of the Chinese Communist Party, and frequent hagiographic coverage
The actions of this individual are being promoted by government messaging and state-run media (refer to the section on “encouraging positivity”).

This fawning

The media often describes Xi Jinping as personally leading various aspects of government policy, labeling him as a meticulous overseer. Xi has been referred to as “pointing the way forward” in multiple areas such as politics, economics, foreign affairs, human rights, environmental issues, education, society, culture, and sports. This phrase has become so frequent that some online users have begun satirically calling him “the immortal compass.”

CDT has cataloged an

A comprehensive compilation of these commonly used phrases.. Among the classics:

  • Proposing a Path for Progress in Chinese Football (2017)

  • “Charting a Path for the Progress of China and the World” (2019)
  • “Guiding the Path for Our Collective Home on Earth” (2020)

  • “Guiding the Path Ahead in the Pursuit of a United Community for All Humanity” (2021)
  • “Charting the Path for Effective ‘Governance of Human Rights'” (2021)

  • “Charting a Path for Furthering the China-Russia Friendship, Collaboration, and Mutual Progress” (2023)

In June 2023, state media portrayed Xi’s meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Beijing as a success, with a photo showing Xi sitting at the head of a large conference table and the headline “Xi Jinping Provides Guidance for Sino-American Relations.” The depiction of the U.S. as a submissive party in the meeting.inspired derision

Users on Chinese social media and Chinese Twitter shared their thoughts and opinions, with comments such as “Leading us in the right direction once more,” “An all-seeing compass,” and “Clearly, [Xi] sits at the center of the table to guide Sino-American relations.” One user even compared the phrase to the movement of planets: “Directing the Earth’s rotation.”

is) celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Selected Essays (杂文选刊) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in December 2023.Záwén Xuǎnkān)

Ceased functioning after three and a half decades.
Out of nowhere and with no explanation, the publication was shut down. Many thought it was because of its last cover, which depicted a suited arm pointing towards the future. The arm was filled with tiny, anonymous figures running along it, only to fall off the tip of the index finger into darkness.

(Zawen Xuankan)