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The 1960 Lunar New Year’s message titled “Air of Rapid Development” from People’s Daily has been removed.
The 1960 Lunar New Year's message titled "Air of Rapid Development" from People's Daily has been removed.

The 1960 Lunar New Year’s message titled “Air of Rapid Development” from People’s Daily has been removed.

Amidst a struggling economy and decline in the stock market, an article from People’s Daily Online promotes a supposed sense of positivity throughout the nation.

Received numerous negative remarks.

“Last week, Weibo censored the related hashtag. Shortly after, a notification was received.”

The Lunar New Year’s message from People’s Daily in 1960 was removed.

It was shared by a WeChat user, potentially because of similar phrasing in the titles, from the messaging platform WeChat.

The People’s Daily has removed historical content twice in a short period of time.

In 2016, an article that made a prediction about China’s entry into the group of “high-income” countries by 2024 was removed from People’s Daily Online. This removal was caused by a Weibo user who shared it in a negative manner, beginning with the statement, “I found something to improve my Lunar New Year’s celebration…”

ǔngè guójiā yángyìzhe lèguān xiàngshàng de fēnwéi)

On February 2, 2024, the headline on People’s Daily Online reads “Positive Attitude Fills the Entire Country” (整个国家洋溢着乐观向上的氛围, Zǔngè guójiā yángyìzhe lèguān xiàngshàng de fēnwéi).hěnggè guójiā yángyìzhe lèguān xiàngshàng de fēnwéi
The information appears to have been taken from a quote referenced in the article.

The International Secretary of the Central Committee is responsible for managing the international affairs of the organization.

The Communist Party of Germany (DKP)

Renate Koppe, in conversation with a journalist from People’s Daily, talks about her travels in China. Liu Zhonghua, commented, .

The entire nation exudes a sense of hopefulness that left a strong impression on me.” (整个国家都洋溢着乐观向上的氛围,给我留下深刻印象,

Every country is striving for a good position in the global arena, leaving an impression on me.

The January 27, 1960 People’s Daily Lunar New Year’s message that was deleted from WeChat used similar wording in its headline: “

In 1960, the implementation of People’s Communes brought a sense of rapid progress throughout the entire country.” (1960年, 人民公社让整个国家都洋溢着高速发展的氛围,

In 1960, the people’s society encouraged all countries to pursue rapid development and progress.

Both titles follow the format of “the whole country is filled with an atmosphere of ___.” zhǔyào de guójiā yǐngxiǎng

Every country is influenced by major countries. ___ de fēnwéi), or “the whole country is suffused with an air of _____.”


In 1960, the Lunar New Year’s message was published by the People’s Daily, while Mao’s strategies had already led China into the year 1958.Great Famine that would, over the course of the next few years, claim between 23-30 million lives, possibly more. Mao’s Great Leap Forward, the “Four Pests” Campaign, and the establishment of the vaunted People’s Communes

Everyone played a part in causing the disaster caused by human actions.

This ultimately resulted in widespread famine and loss of life.

The extremely belated censorship of the 1960 People’s Daily article—and the

Continued suppression of online content related to business and economics from other sources.

During the 2024 Lunar New Year celebrations, it is not surprising that many Chinese citizens are concerned about the apparent disconnect between the optimistic messages promoted by state media and the actual economic struggles people are facing in terms of employment, housing, and the stock market. This has led to a sense of worry about the state of the nation.driving in reverse.”