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When Taekwondo Strikes | Blu-ray (Eureka)
When Taekwondo Strikes | Blu-ray (Eureka)

When Taekwondo Strikes | Blu-ray (Eureka)

When Taekwondo Strikes | Blu-ray (Eureka)

When Taekwondo Strikes | Blu-ray (Eureka)

RELEASE DATE: January 22, 2024

On January 22, 2024, Eureka Entertainment will release their Blu-ray (Region B) release for When Taekwondo Strikes (aka Sting of the Dragon Masters), a 1973 Golden Harvest film directed by Huang Feng (Lady Whirlwind, Stoner, Hapkido).

The movie showcases a talented group of actors, such as Jhoon Rhee, Angela Mao Ying, Carter Wong Ka Tat, Wang In Sik, Sammo Hung, Anne Winston, and Andre E. Morgan.

Official details:

Angela Mao, known as the Queen of Kung Fu, and Jhoon Rhee, the King of Taekwondo, unite in this collaboration.

Exciting Hong Kong masterpiece!

During the Japanese occupation of Korea, the Japanese occupying forces capture Lee (Rhee), a leader of the resistance. In order to save him, his student Jin (Carter Wong) enlists the assistance of Hapkido expert Mao, and together they battle against a group of Japanese antagonists portrayed by well-known figures in the genre, such as Hwang In-shik, Kenji Kazama, and Sammo Hung.


  • The O-Card slipcase is a Limited Edition with new artwork by Darren Wheeling, and there are only 2000 copies available.

  • The Hong Kong theatrical version is now available in 1080p HD on a Blu-ray disc, restored from a new 2K source.

  • Original Mandarin mono audio
  • Mono audio in English that is dubbed in a traditional or standard manner.

  • Optional alternative English audio track with varying musical cues.

  • English subtitles are now available for this release as an option. They have been newly translated.

  • Newly added to the film is an extended audio commentary by film expert and writer Samm Deighan.

  • In 1990, director Sandra Weintraub created a 91-minute feature documentary called “The Best of the Martial Arts Films,” presented by John Saxon.

  • Trailers
  • A booklet with exclusive content written by James Oliver [limited to 2000 copies].

Soon, this title will be up for purchase at The Goodie Emporium, an American online shop that currently carries a wide selection of Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest, and martial arts movies on DVD and Blu-ray. They frequently add new titles to their stock.

View the preview for Eureka down below.