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“Watch five highly praised short films from Taiwan on TaiwanPlus Docs and Sundance.”
"Watch five highly praised short films from Taiwan on TaiwanPlus Docs and Sundance."

“Watch five highly praised short films from Taiwan on TaiwanPlus Docs and Sundance.”


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year’s Sundance Film Festival Asia in Taiwan. However, I am excited to share that TaiwanPlus and Sundance have joined forces to present the top films from the short film competition to viewers around the world. A distinguished panel of international experts selected these groundbreaking films from Taiwanese directors, giving them a platform on the global stage. From now until December 31st, you can watch the winning film, other shortlisted selections, and interviews with the directors for free on the TaiwanPlus Docs YouTube channel.st, 2023.  

  1. The victorious candidate is An Chu’s Tuo Tuo.

This melancholy short movie delves into the bond between Hai and an unexpected costar – his family’s deer. While on a break from the military, Hai returns home to assist with the deer farm. However, he discovers that the deer who had once healed him as a child has been taken away. As he recalls his past experiences, Hai is surrounded by the scent of grass and blood.

  1. Unexpected Passenger by Hsia Jui-chien  

The brief movie is packed with frightening moments and unexpected twists as we join a cab driver on an emotional adventure. During the late hours, the driver meets a mysterious rider who reveals a peculiar destination and remains silent, alluding to a concealed and ominous mystery.


  1. Burning by Tang Hao  

This coming-of-age story follows Ming-kai and Ah-jie, two friends trying to find their place in a world that wasn’t made for them. Childhood wanders into a tale of fear and loss, and the two boys find themselves occupying an empty rooftop and building their world around their curiosities, dreams, and memories.  


  1. Afterlife by Hsueh Lo-yi and Huang Sheng-chun 

This film tells the story of Jintaro, a man who spent 60 years designing tombs. Through stunning visuals and an intriguing narrative, we discover that despite his dedication, he was not laid to rest next to his wife upon his passing.


  1. The Train of Memories by Jeremiah Chen 

This visually stunning movie portrays a relatable tale, in which negative thoughts swirl rapidly like the passing landscape seen from a moving train. It cleverly navigates through fragmented recollections, providing a hopeful story of overcoming suffering, against the backdrop of heartwarming moments during birth.


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