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The Valiant Ones | 4K UHD (Eureka)
The Valiant Ones | 4K UHD (Eureka)

The Valiant Ones | 4K UHD (Eureka)

The Valiant Ones | 4K UHD (Eureka)

The Valiant Ones | 4K UHD (Eureka)

RELEASE DATE: May 27, 2024

On May 27, 2024, Eureka will be releasing a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray of The Valiant Ones, a film made in 1975 by the renowned Taiwanese director King Hu who is considered a master in the genre. The Blu-ray will be available in the UK, USA, and Canada, and is compatible with Region A/B players.

Filmed consecutively with The Fate of Lee Khan (but not distributed until two years after), it serves as a commendable successor to his previous films Come Drink with Me, Dragon Inn, and A Touch of Zen.

warriors to protect the coastline

During the rule of Emperor Jiajing (also known as Chao Lei), the coastal areas of China were constantly threatened by wokou – a group of Japanese pirates led by the notorious Hakatatsu (played by Sammo Hung). In order to defend against this danger, the Emperor entrusts General Zhu Wan (portrayed by Tu Kuang-chi) with the task of gathering a team of proficient fighters to safeguard the coastline.

Soldiers were tasked with tracking down and eradicating pirates, led by General Yu Dayou. The group, consisting of married martial artists Wu Ji-yuan and Wu Ruo-shi, along with others, embarked on a mission to engage Hakatatsu, Xu Dong, and their pirate gang in impressive battles.

Based on real events and including prominent characters based on figures from Chinese history, The Valiant Ones is a noteworthy example of a wuxia film created towards the end of the genre’s popularity. As audiences were gravitating towards more realistic kung fu movies, this film stood out. The film has been restored in 4K and is now available on Ultra HD Blu-ray as part of the Masters of Cinema series.


  • This slipcase features new artwork by Grégory Sacré (Gokaiju) and is limited to 2000 copies.

  • The 4K (2160p) UHD Blu-ray version has been remastered from the original negatives given by director King Hu to the Hong Kong Film Archive. It is displayed in Dolby Vision HDR.

  • Original Mandarin monaural audio tracks have been restored from the negative soundtrack without any compression.

  • Newly translated optional English subtitles have been added for this release.

  • New audio commentary provided by Asian cinema specialist Frank Djeng, known for his involvement with the New York Asian Film Festival.
  • A new interview with movie critic and expert on Asian cinema, Tony Rayns, discussing The Valiant Ones.

  • “David Cairns presents a fresh video essay titled ‘Tsar of all the Wuxia’.”

  • The Life of a Lucky Stuntman – Brand new interview with stuntman Billy Chan
  • Rewording not available.

  • In 2003, actress Hsu Feng was interviewed by Frédéric Ambroisine and the conversation was recorded for future reference.

  • “This 2003 interview with Roger Garcia, conducted by Frédéric Ambroisine, features the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society”

    In 2003, Frédéric Ambroisine interviewed Roger Garcia, discussing the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society.

  • I spoke with actor Ng Ming-choi in 2016 for an archived interview conducted by Frédéric Ambroisine.

  • A collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Jonathan Clements

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