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The quote of the day is “Fifteen months have passed and despite 50 changes and cuts, censors still have not given approval for this film.”
The quote of the day is "Fifteen months have passed and despite 50 changes and cuts, censors still have not given approval for this film."

The quote of the day is “Fifteen months have passed and despite 50 changes and cuts, censors still have not given approval for this film.”

The quote of the day for today is from a Chinese CDT.faux “Dragon Seal” visual about acclaimed sixth-generation filmmaker Wang Xiaoshuai’s battle to get his latest film “Above the Dust” 《沃土》(Wòtǔ

The movie, known as “fertile soil,” was able to bypass the scrutiny of China’s National Film Bureau. It is set to debut at the Berlin Film Festival on Saturday, but without the official approval from the censors.

This CDT “Quote of the Day” card is designed to resemble the China National Film Bureau’s “Dragon Seal” of approval that appears before the credits of all films that have been approved by Chinese censors. The text is red and white against a dark green background, with a red-and-gold seal in the middle, in the shape of a dragon.

In October 2022, this movie was presented to the censorship board. Despite making 50 modifications and cuts, it has not yet been granted approval after fifteen months.

The film “Above the Dust” by director Wang Xiaoshuai will debut at the Berlin Film Festival without the approval of the “Dragon Seal” from China’s National Film Bureau, as reported by Variety. The Chinese government has reached out to the director and demanded that he withdraw from the festival or face consequences.

Patrick Frater from Variety delved into the film’s historical topic and themes.

The director is dedicated to showing his film in Berlin.:

Featuring a teenage boy as the main character.

The movie showcases a struggling family living in a rural village in the northwest region of China in the year 2009.

The boy’s parents are digging up the dry land in search of family treasures while their neighbors are gradually moving to the city. Through communication with his deceased grandfather, the boy discovers information about the land reforms of the 1950s, which resulted in the government taking control of land owned by peasants, and the disastrous consequences of the Great Leap Forward.

Wang plans to proceed with showing “Above the Dust” in Berlin, despite not receiving the “Dragon Seal” of approval from China’s National Film Bureau. This seal is required for any Chinese film to be shown in theaters in China or at international festivals.

The Chinese government has reached out to Wang and instructed him to remove the movie from the festival. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences for both Wang and the Chinese production company involved. The film was made in collaboration with the Dutch production company, Lemming Film.

Wang expressed feeling under a great deal of pressure from both the production company and himself. It is mandatory to have a Dragon Seal in order to screen the film in Berlin, but fortunately it was selected for the festival. Wang is pleased with this and believes the film truly represents his vision of showcasing China, its people, and their past and present experiences.Source]

In other film censorship news,

Chen Pinlin, a documentary filmmaker, was taken into custody for creating a documentary covering the White Paper Protests.
In late 2023, an incident took place. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) offered additional information:

5,000-character blog post, with
Publishing a 5,000-character blog post on February 18, Chen was charged by Chinese authorities.

According to Chinese human rights news websites, there were protests against COVID restrictions in late 2023, with accusations of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.”Minsheng Guancha and Weiquanwang.

In Shanghai, on January 5th, authorities apprehended Chen, also known as Plato, for his published works and placed him in custody at the Baoshan Detention Center.

[…] 20-year-old college student in Seoul set himself on fire in front of the Japanese embassy

The demonstrations, referred to as the “White Paper Movement,” began when a 20-year-old university student in Seoul self-immolated in front of the Japanese embassy.deadly apartment fire2022 attacks were linked to

In November 2022, a violent incident in the northwestern area of Xinjiang resulted in the deaths of at least 10 individuals. This raised concerns about a possible connection to the attacks in 2022.

The strict lockdown measures implemented by the government.

Stopped the victims from getting away.

The documentary was shared by Chen.Not the Foreign ForceOn the first anniversary of the White Paper Movement on YouTube and X, formerly Twitter, in late November 2023, reports indicate that a documentary was released. The documentary contained footage of protests, translated social media posts advocating for freedom of expression, and mentioned that some protesters were still being held in custody. It was reported that Chen’s X account and YouTube channel were both deleted within that week.]Source]