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The Look of Love: Korean Romance Film Showcase
The Look of Love: Korean Romance Film Showcase

The Look of Love: Korean Romance Film Showcase

Location: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Louis Koo Cinema
Date: 2023.10.27 – 2023.11.12

Price: The standard cost is HKD 85, while the discounted price is HKD 68.

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Observing a society’s customs regarding love, marriage, and family can provide insight into their national identity, social norms, lifestyle, and traditions. Korea has produced a wide range of romantic films that have captivated audiences worldwide. Our own experiences with love often seem out of our control, taking on various forms, colors, and scents. Some may be beautiful, others may be less so, but the intensity and richness of romantic love remains a universal human experience. As part of the annual cultural event Festive Korea, the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong are co-presenting The Look of Love: Korean Romance Film Showcase, featuring eight films and opportunities to engage with the filmmakers, offering a diverse exploration of love.

The co-presenters are extremely pleased to have the esteemed film director of “Christmas in August,” Hur Jin-ho, (known for “A Normal Family,” “A Good Rain Knows,” and “One Fine Spring Day”) virtually host a Masterclass on Romance. Additionally, actress Cho Eun-ji, known for her role in “Strangers Again,” will be joining us for a virtual post-screening discussion of her highly praised directorial debut, “Perhaps Love.” Don’t miss this opportunity!

Affection is universal.❤

Programme Schedule

27/10 (Fri)   7:45pm* Perhaps Love, with virtual after-screening talk with Director Cho Eun-ji
29/10 (Sun) 3:30pm Castaway on the Moon
29/10 (Sun) 7:30pm Architecture 101
4/11 (Sat) 3:30pm Romang
4/11 (Sat) 7:30pm Two Weddings and a Funeral
5/11 (Sun) 2:00pm^

In August, experience a virtual Masterclass in Romance with Director Hur Jin-ho, like a Christmas celebration.

12/11 (Sun) 3:30pm

A male and a female individual.

12/11 (Sun) 7:30pm Alway

*Using Virtual After-Screening Discussion | ^Using Virtual After-Screening Training Session


Programme DetailsOpening Film


장르만 로맨스
Perhaps Love


Director Cho Eun-ji will be participating in a virtual post-screening discussion. The discussion will be conducted in both Cantonese and Korean languages.

Director: Cho Eun-ji


Starring: Ryu Seung-ryong, Oh Na-ra, Kim Hie-won, Lee You-young, Sung Yu-been, Mu Jin-sung.

The film “Korea” has a runtime of 113 minutes and is presented in DCP format with color. It is in Korean with English subtitles.


The 2022 New York Asian Film Festival’s Audience Award.

The 2022 Grand Bell Awards presented the Best New Actor and Popularity Award to Oh Na-ra.

Winner of Best Supporting Actress at the 2022 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

In 2022, the Chunsa Film Art Awards will recognize outstanding performances in the categories of Best Supporting Actress and Best New Actor.


The winners for Best New Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress at the 2022 Grand Bell Awards have been announced.

The winners of the Blue Dragon Film Awards 2022 for Best New Director and Best New Actor have been announced.

Winner of the Chunsa Film Art Awards 2022 for Best New Director

The winners of the 2022 Buil Film Awards for Best New Director and Best Music have been announced.

The winner of the White Mulberry Award at the 2022 Udine Far East Film Festival.

Reality is love. Generic is life.

Cho Eun-ji’s directorial debut, Strangers Again, is a romantic comedy that delves into the intricacies of relationships and prejudices with a clever and sharp approach. It has received acclaim from both film critics and viewers around the globe.

Ryu Seung-ryong, known for his roles in popular films such as Moving, Kingdom, and Extreme Job, portrays Kim Hyun in this story. Kim Hyun, a once celebrated and successful novelist, now finds himself struggling with writer’s block for the past seven years. After his divorce, he becomes caught up in a complicated situation with his ex-wife and realizes she is dating his former best friend. Meanwhile, his son is also struggling with their unconventional family dynamic and develops feelings for their neighbor. Kim’s days are filled with mundane tasks like checking attendance, teaching, and assigning work to his university students. However, everything changes when one of his male students confesses his love for him. As a heterosexual teacher, he is taken aback but also feels a sense of responsibility towards his talented student. This unexpected turn of events causes Kim to reexamine his life and the various uncertainties and pressures that come with it.

Regarding Cho Eun-ji, a director and actress from Korea.

Dir Cho

Cho Eun-ji was born in 1981 and made her debut in the film “Tears” directed by Im Sang-soo in 2000. She has starred in notable works such as “The Concubine” directed by Kim Dae-seung in 2012 and “The Villainess” directed by Jung Byung-gil in 2017. Her most recent feature is “Conversation” directed by Kim Duk-joong, set to be released in 2023. She is also currently starring in two K-drama series, “Strangers Again” directed by Kim Yang-hee and “Lost” directed by Hur Jin-ho, both set to air in 2023 and 2021 respectively. In addition to her acting career, she also made her directorial debut with the film “Perhaps Love”, showcasing her exceptional talents as both an actress and a director.


Castaway on the Moon


Director: Lee Hey-jun

The cast includes Jung Jae-young, Jung Rye-won, and Park Young-seo.

The film “Korea” was released in 2009 and has a duration of 116 minutes. It is available in DCP format and is presented in color. The dialogue is in Korean with English subtitles.


The 2009 Busan Film Critics Association Award for Best Screenplay.

The winner for the Best Screenplay at the 2009 Chunsa Film Art Awards was announced.

The New York Asian Film Festival 2010 was given the Audience Award.

The 2010 Udine Far East Film Festival awarded the Black Dragon Audience Award.

Top Movie, CinemAsia Film Festival of 2010


The 2009 Grand Bell Awards recipient for Best Screenplay.

The 2010 Taipei Film Festival will be hosting the International New Talent Competition.

The winner of the 2010 Baek Sang Film Awards for Best Actor.

He finds himself in a difficult situation without any means of support.

She responds to the call and takes care of everything.

Kim Seong-geun loses his job and is left by his spouse. He tries to kill himself by leaping into the Han River but manages to survive and washes up on Bamseom, two isolated islands in the middle of the Han River in Seoul. Without a working phone, he becomes a “modern-day Robinson Crusoe.” Despite failed efforts to escape the island, he abandons thoughts of suicide and learns to survive by scavenging and hunting for resources. One day, he discovers a message in a bottle that has washed ashore.

Jung-yeon is a homebody who is not employed and rarely leaves her room. Instead, she devotes her time to maintaining her online presence, walking 10,000 steps daily, and capturing images of the moon. One day, she takes a photo of “hello” written in the sand by Kim on Bamseom’s sandy beach. This sparks her creativity and she begins sending messages in bottles out to sea, even sending jajangmyeon to Kim.

They start exploring outside their familiar boundaries, searching for one another. Who are you, truly?

The film Castaway on the Moon was directed by Lee Hey-jun, who is also known for his work on Ashfall and Like a Virgin. This movie marks his first time directing alone and is filled with clever humor that examines city life. Lee clarifies that the movie is not solely about communication, but rather the determination and purpose behind it. In a society where words are plentiful, how much genuine sincerity and eagerness exists in our interactions?

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Architecture 101


Director: Lee Yong-zoo

The cast includes Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in, Lee Je-hoon, and Bae Su-ji.

This film, released in 2012 from Korea, has a runtime of 118 minutes. It is shown in DCP format and is in Korean with English subtitles.


The winner for Best New Actor and Popular Star at the 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards was announced.

The Cine21 Movie Award of 2012 was given to the top film, screenplay, and new actor of the year.

In 2012, the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival presented the Fantasia Actor Award.

The award for Best Screenplay was given at the 2012 Buil Film Awards.

The 2012 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for Best Music.


The recipients of the 2012 Grand Bell Awards were recognized for their outstanding work in the categories of Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Actress, and Best New Actor.

The winners of the 2012 Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best Screenplay, Best New Actress, Best Cinematography, and Best Lighting have been announced.

The 2012 Buil Film Awards were given for Best Film, Best New Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best New Actor.

Etude of memory

At 35 years old, Seung-min, an architect, is given a design project. To his astonishment, the client turns out to be his unrequited love from his university days when they both studied “Architecture 101”: Soo-yeon, a student majoring in music. Due to his insecurities and shyness during his youth, Seung-min was unable to express his feelings for Soo-yeon, causing their relationship to end. Soo-yeon now lives in Seoul and wants to reconstruct her family’s house in her hometown of Jeju Island where she grew up.

Seung-min’s first major architectural project is a new home designed specifically for Soo-yeon. As he immerses himself in learning about her lifestyle and habits, memories of their past heartaches and sweet moments resurface. This romantic tale of pure love was a major hit in the Korean film industry upon its initial release, breaking box office records and igniting a trend for first love stories in Korea. Director Lee Yong-zoo, who has a background in architecture, both wrote the screenplay and was part of the directing team for director Bong Joon-ho’s “Memories of Murder.”

p1 (4)


4/11/2023 (Sat) 3:30pm

Director: Lee Chang-Geun

The cast includes Lee Soon-jae, Jung Young-sook, Cho Han-cheul, and Bae Hae-sun.

The film “Korea” has a runtime of 112 minutes and is in Korean with Chinese and English subtitles. It is available in DCP format and is presented in color. This was released in 2019.


At the 2019 Udine Far East Film Festival, participants competed against each other.

Shinfilm Art Film Festival 2019

Those who are forgotten cannot be erased from memory.

Jo Nam-bong, a 75-year-old taxi driver, has always been known for his short temper and turbulent relationship with his 71-year-old wife, Lee Mae-ja. Despite being married for 45 years, their focus has been on surviving the daily struggles of life rather than nurturing their marriage. Nam-bong also has strained relationships with his son, who holds a PhD but lacks stability, his brutally honest daughter-in-law, and his mischievous granddaughter. However, when Mae-ja is diagnosed with dementia, Nam-bong makes the firm decision to care for her. As he notices his own memory decline, they both begin to record their memories on paper, rekindling the romance and dreams of their past. With a determination to make the most of their remaining time together, Nam-bong embarks on a new journey with his wife.

Although the plot may feel familiar, it addresses a common struggle that all families face: how to deal with the challenges of aging and the end of life. The exceptional acting by Lee Soon-jae and Jeong Yeong-suk, both experienced actors, effectively portrays the intricate feelings of love, care, and partnership in a marriage, leaving a profound impression on viewers.

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두 번의 결혼식과 한 번의 장례식
Two Weddings and a Funeral

4/11/2023 (Sat) 7:30pm

Director: Kimjho Gwang-soo

Actors: Kim Dong-yun, Ryoo Hyoun-kyoung, Song Yong-jin, Jung Ae-youn

This film was made in Korea in 2012 and has a runtime of 106 minutes. It was shot digitally and is in color. The dialogue is in Korean with English subtitles.


Winner of the Buil Film Awards 2012 for Best New Director.

Seattle International Film Festival 2013

Reworded: In 2013, the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival was known as Frameline.

In 2012, the Busan International Film Festival took place.

The 2012 Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival’s Opening Film.

We will not be separated by death.

Director Kimjho Gwang-soo is one of the few Korean openly gay filmmakers, and Two Weddings and a Funeral is his debut feature. This comedy explores the prejudices and taboos that exist in Korean society regarding homosexuality.

Min-soo, a gay man, and Hyo-jin, a lesbian woman, are good friends and colleagues at the same hospital. They decide to get married to each other, not to anyone else. Min-soo wants to stop his parents from interfering in his personal life, while Hyo-jin, who has been in a relationship with a woman for ten years, hopes to adopt a child. On the surface, they seem like the perfect couple, but in reality, they lead separate lives with their respective partners living as their neighbors. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when Min-soo’s parents show up unannounced and Hyo-jin’s secret relationship is exposed. How long can they keep their true identities hidden?

p1 (6)

8월의 크리스마스
Christmas in August
With virtual after-screening Masterclass on Romance with Director Hur Jin-ho

5/11/2023 (Sun) 2:00pm

Director: Hur Jin-ho

Starring: Han Suk-kyu and Shim Eun-ha

This film was released in Korea in 1998 and has a runtime of 97 minutes. It is available in digital format with color and can be viewed with English subtitles.


In 1999, the Grand Bell Awards recognized the top achievements in Best New Director and Best Original Screenplay categories.

The top prize for Best Film and Best Cinematography at the 1998 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The 1998 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography.

In 1999, the Asian Film Critics Association Awards recognized outstanding achievements in Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography categories.


The top movie, leading actor, and outstanding cinematography were honored at the 1999 Grand Bell Awards.

Winner of the Best Actor category at the 1998 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The top film from Asia at the 1999 Singapore International Film Festival.

The top honors for Director and Actor at the 1999 Asian Film Critics Association Awards went to…

Cannes Film Festival 1998

In 1998, the Toronto International Film Festival took place.

The 1998 edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival

Snow falls in a summer

A photographer in his thirties, named Jung-won, operates a photo studio hidden away in a peaceful area of Seoul. He takes pleasure in the ordinary moments of his customers, smiling and gazing at them as he captures their cherished memories. One summer day, he crosses paths with a traffic officer named Darim. She spends time at his studio, enjoying ice cream, relaxing, and even dozing off, as their fondness for each other grows. However, one day the studio is closed and Jung-won is nowhere to be found. Darim waits for him daily, but he never shows up. Overcome with sorrow and anger, she eventually breaks the studio’s windows in frustration.

On Christmas Eve, as the snow gently falls, the distant sound of church bells can be heard. Darim makes her way back to the studio door, only to find it still closed. A photo of her smiling is on display in the window.

During the late 1990s, before the widespread popularity of Korean entertainment, the debut film of Hur Jin-ho, “Christmas in August,” became a beloved classic in the romance genre of contemporary Korean cinema. The Hong Kong Arts Centre brought the film to our city, where it captivated audiences for three months with sold-out showings. This marked a new era of appreciation for Korean cinema among Hong Kong viewers. Following this success, Hur went on to collaborate with the Greater Chinese region on projects such as “One Fine Spring Day,” produced by Peter Chan, “A Good Rain Knows,” starring Gao Yuanyuan, and his first Chinese film, “Dangerous Liaisons.”

Masterclass on Romance

Guest: Jin-ho Hur, Movie Director

Carried out in Cantonese and Korean.

For a richer taste of romance, this masterclass on romance with film master Hur Jin-ho will delight your palate. Director Hur will share his experience of creating romance films from conceptualisation to finish: How is romance different from other film genres? What are the important elements of romance?

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남과 여
A Man and a Woman

12/11/2023 (Sun) 3:30pm

Director: Lee Yoon-ki

Starring: Jeon Do-yeon and Gong Yoo

Korean film released in 2016, running time of 115 minutes, shot digitally and in color, with dialogue in Korean and Chinese subtitles.

Grand Prize (Gong Yoo), Korean Film Actor’s Association Awards 2016

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2017

The 2017 Florence Korean Film Festival

The 2016 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival.

I do not wish to overlook you

Sang-min travels with her son, who has autism, to a specialized training camp in Finland. There, she meets Ki-hong, an architect who is also there with his daughter who suffers from depression. By chance, the two quiet individuals develop feelings for each other during their trip. When a snowstorm hits on their way back to the city, they seek refuge in a cabin by a lake and give in to their strong attraction. The following day, they part ways without exchanging names and resume their married lives. However, fate brings them together again in Seoul.

Jeon Do-yeon reunites with director Lee Yoon-ki after their award-winning collaboration on “My Dear Enemy” at the 2008 Berlinale. In this film, their nuanced and understated performances bring a sense of tranquility to the minimalist story, earning praise from critics.

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오직 그대만

12/11/2023 (Sun) 7:30pm

Director: Song Il-gon

Starring: So Ji-sub, Han Hyo-joo

This film was made in Korea in 2011 and has a runtime of 105 minutes. It is available in digital format and is presented in color. The dialogue is spoken in Korean with Chinese subtitles.

Most Popular Actor, Baek Sang Art Awards 2012


The first movie shown at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival.
Beijing International Film Festival 2012

Fight for love

and find redemption

Cheol-min was once an undefeated boxer, but after a tragic event, he fell into obscurity. Now, he leads a quiet life as a delivery man during the day and a security guard at a parking lot at night. One night, a blind young woman named Jung-hwa seeks out an old security guard, only to find that Cheol-min has taken his place. As they spend time together during the peaceful nights, their friendship blossoms into love. Despite his reserved and solemn demeanor, Cheol-min finds joy in the company of the kind and lively Jung-hwa, and the two become each other’s confidants. In an effort to improve their lives and help heal Jung-hwa’s blindness, Cheol-min returns to boxing for the possibility of winning a large prize. Along the way, he realizes that his fate has been intertwined with Jung-hwa’s long before they ever met. Will Cheol-min be able to protect Jung-hwa and find redemption?

When Always was released, it captured the attention of Koreans and a screening for 2,000 people sold out in just seven seconds. The film was then remade in Japan, India, Turkey, and the Philippines. Despite its seemingly common genre of melodrama, the movie was actually based on Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights and the director’s goal was to emphasize the importance of love.


The Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong.

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