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The countries participating in the Competition Section are Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The 17th Five Flavours People’s Jury has been revealed.
The countries participating in the Competition Section are Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The 17th Five Flavours People's Jury has been revealed.

The countries participating in the Competition Section are Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The 17th Five Flavours People’s Jury has been revealed.

We are excited to share the titles of three additional films in the competition! These powerful stories come from countries with a strong tradition in filmmaking. They have already made a splash at various festivals, establishing their directors as potential future leaders in Asian cinema. We are also pleased to announce the members of the Five Flavours’ People’s Jury, who will be responsible for evaluating the festival films.

A poignant and bittersweet story of coming of age in Japan, reminiscent of the early works of Hirokazu Koreeda, told in a deeply personal and surprisingly mature manner. A powerful social drama about individuals struggling for their aspirations on the fringes of Malaysian society. A unique exploration of Taiwanese culture by the first female Tayal director in history. “Amiko,” “Abang Adik,” and “Gaga” showcase the skill and sensitivity of emerging directors and shed light on the flawed reality that surrounds them. These three films will be screened at Five Flavours – both in theaters and online!


Kochira Amiko, dir. Yusuke Morii, Japan 2022, 104’

Amiko is a unique girl who has a unique perspective on the world compared to her friends. She tends to detach herself from reality and prefers to live by her own rules. She interprets her surroundings through her imagination and often uses magical explanations. She can be rebellious and innocent at the same time, which sets her apart from her peers at school. However, her life is about to take a turn as her mother is expecting a baby and her family is dealing with difficult situations.

Yusuke Morii’s movie is not simply a gentle story about a family. In his unexpectedly sophisticated first film, the Japanese filmmaker shifts the focus away from a cozy and affectionate home life to the underlying causes of violence in schools and dysfunctional familial relationships.

Abang Adik

Fù dōu qīngnián, dir. Jin Ong, Malaysia 2023, 116’

Abang and Adik originate from Pudu Pasar, a disadvantaged area in Kuala Lumpur. They have resided on the bustling, noisy streets of the city for their entire lives. Adik, the younger sibling, is a small-time con artist. Abang, who is deaf, strives to escape their unstable existence. However, when a devastating accident occurs, their bond is challenged as their hopes and aspirations are jeopardized.

“Abang Adik” is primarily a depiction of Kuala Lumpur, a vibrant hub of diverse cultures, overflowing with juxtapositions of colors and scents. Additionally, it is a touching narrative that emphasizes the significance of actively listening and empathizing with others. It is no surprise that the film continues to win Audience Awards at various global film festivals.


Director Leha Mebow’s film, Taiwan 2022, has a runtime of 112 minutes.

Over many years, the Tayal people of Taiwan have worked to preserve their culture and prevent it from disappearing. Their customs and practices are rooted in the Gaga, which is a set of principles and beliefs that guide the Tayal way of life, including its essence, pace, and ideology. However, the advancements of modern society pose a significant danger to the continuity of these traditions.

Through a realist portrayal of one family, Leha Mebow pays homage to the Gaga culture without sentimentalism or excessive tenderness. The film is a rare example of ethnographic cinema that also explores the emotions of its protagonists.

The 17th edition of the Five Flavours People’s Jury.

For years, the best film of the Festival has been chosen by People’s Jury – nine Asian cinema enthusiasts and experts who come to Warsaw from all across Europe to watch films and participate in a series of workshops for film critics, custom-made for their needs. The jurors were chosen from among over 50 excellent entries. Congratulations!

The panelists for the 17th Five Flavours Festival are:

  •     Pelin Çılgın
  •     Kanako Fujita
  •     Kiki Huang
  •     Jakub Iglicki
  •     Magdalena Nieświec
  •     Olivia Popp
  •     Iga Ratajczak
  •     Eliana Resnick
  •     Jakub Wanat

Tickets for the 17th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival are now up for grabs!

The 17th installment of the festival will take place in a combination format.

  • From November 15 to December 3, 2023, online in Poland.

  • Showing at cinemas from November 15th to 21st, 2023 in Warsaw at Kino Muranów and Kinoteka.

There are two options for passes:

  • The Five Flavours Cinema+Online Pass is available for 350 PLN and allows entry to all movie showings (excluding the opening ceremony) at the festival’s theaters, as well as access to all films on the festival’s video platform. The program will showcase a minimum of 37 feature films. There is a limited quantity of passes available.

  • The Five Flavours Online Pass costs 190 PLN and allows entry to all movies on the festival’s streaming platform. The online platform will feature a minimum of 27 films from the festival’s lineup. There is no limit to the number of online passes available, and they can be bought during the festival as well.

buy the pass

Those who have the Five Flavours Cinema+Online Pass must book seats for movie showings. This can be done through a user-friendly service, accessible on any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Starting on October 26th, once the complete festival schedule is revealed, you can buy tickets for individual movie screenings in theaters and access to the online platform.

Additional information can be found on piecsmakow.pl.

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