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The Bounty Hunter Trilogy | Blu-ray (Radiance Films)
The Bounty Hunter Trilogy | Blu-ray (Radiance Films)

The Bounty Hunter Trilogy | Blu-ray (Radiance Films)

RELEASE DATE: March 25, 2024

Radiance Films will release The Bounty Hunter Trilogy on Blu-ray (Region A/B) on March 25, 2024. The collection will consist of Killer’s Mission and The Fort of Death from 1969, as well as Eight Men to Kill from 1972.

themes of the jidaigeki genre

Tomisaburo Wakayama gained recognition through his role in the popular series “Lone Wolf and Cub,” but prior to that, he was the lead in three action-packed samurai films that drew influence from James Bond and Spaghetti Westerns. However, they still maintained the traditional style and themes of the jidaigeki genre.

The period was characterized by intense, gore-filled violence.

Wakayama plays the role of Shikoro Ichibei, a doctor and spy who is hired to stop the sale of weapons to an enemy Shogun in Shigehiro Ozawa’s film “Killer’s Mission”. In Eiichi Kudo’s sequel, “The Fort of Death”, Ichibei is hired to protect a village of farmers from a cruel Lord in a mission similar to “Seven Samurai”. In the last film, “Eight Men to Kill”, Ozawa directs again as Ichibei is hired to retrieve stolen gold from a government mine.

Ichibei, along with a team of fellow spies, ronin, and female ninjas, showcases an impressive collection of weapons and gadgets that would impress even Q. The “Bounty Hunter” movies offer non-stop action and are worthy of being mentioned among the renowned action blockbusters that came after.

Limited Edtion Features:

  • The films will be transferred in High-Definition and will be presented on two discs. They will be released for the first time in the world on Blu-ray (1080p).

  • Uncompressed mono PCM audio
  • Tom Mes provides an audio commentary for the film, Killer’s Mission.

  • ‘s works

    A conversation with Akihito Ito, a specialist in the works of filmmaker Shigehiro Ozawa.

  • Visual essay on Eiichi Kudo by Japanese cinema expert Robin Gatto
  • Series poster and press image gallery
  • Trailers
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Six postcards of artwork from the films
  • .

    The sleeves can be reversed and display artwork inspired by the original posters.

  • This exclusive booklet includes fresh written pieces by renowned samurai movie specialist Alain Silver, a tribute to Eiichi Kudo by Kinji Fukasaku, and an interview with Shigehiro Ozawa following his retirement from the film industry.

  • A total of 3000 copies are available in a Limited Edition. They come in a sturdy box with Scanavo cases that cover the full height of the box. The OBI strip, which can be removed, is included, leaving the packaging free of any certificates or markings.

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