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The Asian Emerging Filmmakers are being empowered through the International Film Camp.
The Asian Emerging Filmmakers are being empowered through the International Film Camp.

The Asian Emerging Filmmakers are being empowered through the International Film Camp.

The IFC is set to occur at the renowned Venetian Macao from April 9-13, 2024, and guarantees to be a life-changing opportunity for up-and-coming filmmakers.

The Asian Film Awards Academy is excited to introduce the International Film Camp (IFC), an innovative project that seeks to support and inspire the upcoming generation of Asian filmmakers. With the support of the Hong Kong Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, the Instituto Cultural of Macau, and sponsorship from Create Hong Kong, Film Development Fund, and Sands China Ltd., the IFC will offer a distinctive opportunity for emerging filmmakers to engage with experts in the industry, acquire knowledge about the artistic and business aspects of filmmaking, and obtain financial backing and chances for distribution through the Asian Film Awards Academy.

The International Film Camp held a press conference on September 29, 2023 in a unique manner, simultaneously in Hong Kong and Macau. The event was a huge success, largely due to the presence of esteemed guests such as AFAA Chairman Dr. Wilfred Wong, Vice President of Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau Mr. Cheang Kai Meng, representatives from supporting and sponsoring organizations Mr. Gary Mak, Mr. Grant Chum, and Mr. Dave Sun, IFC advisor Dir. Anthony Chen, mentors Dir. Mabel Cheung and Mr. Ding Yuin Shan, AFAA Youth Ambassador Ms. Lin Min Chen, and Macau directors Mr. Hong Heng-Fai, Ms. Tracy Choi, Ms. Emily Chan, and Mr. Chong Cho-Kio.

The IFC, set to occur from April 9 to 13, 2024 at the esteemed Venetian Macao, guarantees to be a life-changing opportunity for up-and-coming filmmakers. It is available to gifted individuals aged 21 to 40 from Hong Kong, Macao, Greater China, and other parts of Asia, and will provide a thorough program aimed at improving their abilities and understanding.

The IFC offers the chance for individuals to present ideas for a brief fictional movie focused on the topic of “My Hometown”. Interested parties must provide a summary, director’s statement, and production outline, as well as a five-minute reel showcasing their previous work as a director. A limited number of approximately 30 applicants will be invited for virtual interviews led by a prestigious group of professionals in the film industry. Ultimately, 16 filmmakers will be selected to participate in the IFC.

During the camp, attendees will receive guidance and mentorship from well-known professionals in the industry. These experts will offer their knowledge and share valuable perspectives on filmmaking. The IFC’s goal is to promote a cooperative and encouraging atmosphere that promotes the exchange of ideas and encourages creative exploration.

At the conclusion of the camp, 16 filmmakers will present their proposals for short film projects to a panel. The panel will select eight filmmakers to receive a production grant of HK$300,000 (approximately US$38,000) each to bring their short films to life. The panel will be led by Terence Chang, a highly experienced film producer who has achieved success in the film industries of Hong Kong, Hollywood, and China.

The goal of the Asian Film Awards Academy is to support up-and-coming filmmakers and help their projects gain more exposure. This will be achieved through curating collections of short films produced during the IFC and showcasing them in the highly-regarded Asian Cinerama touring programme. The Academy will also provide assistance to filmmakers in submitting their individual short films to film festivals, increasing their visibility and opportunities within the industry.

International Film Camp

Location: The Venetian Macao

Date: April 9 to 13, 2024

(To make traveling easier, all participants must arrive on April 8th and leave on April 14th)

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