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The 21st edition of Doclisboa will be opened by Wang Bing and closed by Leonor Teles.
The 21st edition of Doclisboa will be opened by Wang Bing and closed by Leonor Teles.

The 21st edition of Doclisboa will be opened by Wang Bing and closed by Leonor Teles.

Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing, a staple of Doclisboa’s lineup, will be showcasing his latest work, Man in Black, as the opening film of the 21st edition on October 19th at 9pm at Cinema São Jorge. The festival will come to a close with the Portuguese premiere of Baan, the first feature-length fiction film by Leonor Teles, on October 29th at 9pm at Culturgest.

Wang Bing, the creator of films like Fathers and Sons (Doclisboa 2014) and Dead Souls (Doclisboa 2018), delves into the life of Wang Xilin, a Chinese musician and activist, in his latest work Man In Black. Through excerpts from Xilin’s symphonies, the director captures the harrowing memories of the octogenarian composer, shedding light on the inhumanity experienced in a country and under a regime constantly in turmoil. Xilin will attend the opening session of the 21st edition of the festival in Lisbon.


On October 29th, it will be Leonor Teles’ turn. In her first full-length fictional film, Baan (which means “house” in Thai), the Portuguese director takes us on a journey through the experiences and feelings of her protagonist, the young architect L (played by Carolina Miragaia). L’s romantic struggles unfold between Lisbon and Bangkok, torn between a past relationship that continues to haunt her and the excitement and fear of the future embodied by a mysterious woman she falls for: K (played by Meghna Lall), a Canadian with Thai heritage. Against the backdrop of real estate speculation and tensions around migration in Lisbon, or amidst the bustling streets of Thailand, Leonor Teles (known for Ashore, Doclisboa 2018) portrays two young women searching for their place in the world, their home – Baan.

Paula Gaitán and Mika Taanila present New Visions.

In the New Visions section, which focuses on exploring new perspectives in film, there are two guest filmmakers: Paula Gaitán from Colombia and Brazil, known for her films that showcase exceptional freedom and are frequently featured at Doclisboa; and Mika Taanila, a Finnish filmmaker and visual artist with a vast portfolio of work. The festival will present two of Gaitán’s films (O Canto das Amapolas, 2014; and Night Box, 2015), and three of Taanila’s works (Monica in the South Seas, 2023; I Might be Stuck, 2022; and Robocup99, 2000).

Luciana Fina’s Andromeda (2023) is a unique journey through time, showcasing Italian public television during the 1960s and 1970s. This film is a combination of cinema and art, providing a glimpse into the experiences of a young viewer and their exploration of new ideas. Coordinated with Temps D’ Images Festival, the screening on October 21st at 7pm in Cinemateca Portuguesa will bring to life the intricacies of art and concepts during a significant moment in image creation history.

On September 27th at 11am, the 21st Doclisboa will hold a press conference at Culturgest to announce the complete programme. Leonor Teles and Wang Bing will participate in this event with the media, with Wang Bing joining via videoconference.

During the month of October, Lisbon becomes a hub for people from all over the world.