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Samurai Wolf & Samurai Wolf II | Blu-ray (Eureka)
Samurai Wolf & Samurai Wolf II | Blu-ray (Eureka)

Samurai Wolf & Samurai Wolf II | Blu-ray (Eureka)

Samurai Wolf & Samurai Wolf II | Blu-ray (Eureka)

Samurai Wolf & Samurai Wolf II | Blu-ray (Eureka)

RELEASE DATE: January 29, 2024

Eureka will release the Blu-ray versions of Samurai Wolf and Samurai Wolf II on January 29, 2024. These two chanbara films are considered masterpieces and were directed by the renowned Hideo Gosha.

Official details:

In an effort to create an unbridled and authentic sword-fighting movie, Gosha drew influence from Akira Kurosawa’s samurai films and the spaghetti Western sub-genre that they had influenced. He used a limited budget to escape the constraints of his producers, resulting in Samurai Wolf and Samurai Wolf II, which follow the journey of a charming ronin named Kiba (portrayed by Isao Natsuyagi).

involved in a violent struggle between two neighboring towns

Kiba stumbles upon a small town in the first movie and becomes entangled in a hidden conflict. In Samurai Wolf II, Kiba becomes embroiled in a fierce battle between two neighboring towns.

Caught in a complicated tangle of deceit, with a corrupt gold mine proprietor, a skeptical swordsman, and a conceited martial arts instructor.

The Samurai Wolf movies are a successful example of samurai films, featuring striking black and white visuals and stylish action scenes. They are a powerful and concise portrayal of the genre.


  • This O-Card slipcase, with new artwork created by Tony Stella, is a limited edition with only 2000 copies available.

  • This content is available in high definition 1080p, using restored versions of the original film elements created by Toei.

  • Uncompressed original Japanese Mono audio
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Chris Poggiali, a film historian and writer, provides audio commentary for Samurai Wolf.

  • Featurette on Hideo Gosha, the Outlaw Director, with Tomoe Gosha.

  • Reversible sleeve featuring original poster artwork
  • A booklet for collectors with fresh writing about the movie by Tom Mes, an expert in Japanese film.

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