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Sammo Hung to Attend Masterclass in Singapore!
Sammo Hung to Attend Masterclass in Singapore!

Sammo Hung to Attend Masterclass in Singapore!

The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) and the Singapore Film Society announced today that Hong Kong’s first-generation kung fu superstar Sammo HUNG will visit Singapore for the AFAA’s Masterclass Series and a number of activities at the upcoming 12th Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF). Director Sammo HUNG’s five important movie classics will be screened during SCFF as the festival’s first “Filmmaker in Focus” special segment.

Studied under Peking Opera master YU Jim Yuen at a young age, HUNG was the “big brother” of the famous Seven Little Fortunes. Under the guidance of a strict master, HUNG learned the true skills behind the four basic techniques of traditional Chinese opera: Singing, reciting, acting and martial arts. His career as a young performer gave him the foundation for his future as an action superstar and cultivated his hardworking and dedicated persona.

HUNG thinks that “achievements” mean a great deal to him, and he feels gratified that the fruits of his hard work have been recognised. From actor to action choreographer, and from director to producer, his name became a guarantee of quality and box office success. In 1982, HUNG won Best Actor at the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) for his directorial effort Carry On Pickpocket, as well as Best Action Choreography for The Prodigal Son, which he also directed and starred in. This means that he was recognised for his performances in front of and behind the camera in the same year. In 1988, HUNG starred in Painted Faces, which was based on his time as one of the Seven Little Fortunes and with his master YU Jim Yuen. His work on the first two “Ip Man” films both won Best Action Choreography at the HKFA, proving just how important his contribution was to the franchise. His performance as a Hung Fist master in Ip Man 2 also scored him the Best Supporting Actor award at the 5th Asian Film Awards. HUNG was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 16th Asian Film Awards in 2023, for his undeniable achievements and far-reaching influence on Asian cinema.

Having been participating in countless films, HUNG has brought uncountable classic moments and characters to audiences. Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog (1978) and Odd Couple (1979) made him an icon in action comedies. Encounters of the Spooky Kind (1980) and The Dead and the Deadly (1982), which he co-starred in with LAM Ching Ying and WU Ma, pioneered a new genre of paranormal horror comedy. His performances in the “Lucky Stars” series saw him creating comedic sparks with co-stars Stanley FUNG, the late Richard NG and Michael MIU. In addition to playing a powerful, but mischievous kung fu master in Kung Fu Cult Master, he also designed its impressive action scenes. During his long career, HUNG has worked on numerous films as producer, director, screenwriter and action choreographer. He also formed the Sammo HUNG Stunt Team, which nurtured outstanding film talents and greatly strengthened Hong Kong and Asian cinema.

The masterclass included the screening of five of Sammo HUNG’s most iconic films, including Warriors Two (1978), which HUNG directed, starred in and action choregraphed. The younger generation of cinephiles will be able to learn about the origin story of Wing Chun, which recently became a hit overseas thanks to the “Ip Man” film series. The film showcases the early action style and techniques of the Sammo HUNG Stunt Team and has a profound influence on several martial arts-based action films in the 70s. Sammo HUNG’s Hong Kong-style zombie film Encounters of the Spooky Kind (1980) was one of his representative works in the 80s that combined comedy and martial arts action. In addition, the programme will also present the first work of the “Lucky Star” series, Winners and Sinners (1983). Starring Sammo HUNG, who also took on the roles of director, martial arts director and screenwriter, the film has developed an original Hong Kong-style contemporary comedy. A major attraction of this film is the wonderful performances by superstars of the time including Charlie QIN, Stanley FENG Tsui Fan, John SHUM, Cherie CHUNG and the late Richard NG Yiu Hon.

Painted Faces (1988), which earned Sammo HUNG the Best Actor award at the 8th HKFA, set against the backdrop of HUNG’s childhood memories in the Peking Opera school striding under master Yu Jim Yuen, and was a Golden Horse Award-winning work by the late director Alex LAW. Sammo HUNG’s most recent film The Bodyguard (2016), a mainland-Hong Kong co-production, is a heartfelt drama packed with blood-pumping martial arts action sequences, once again showing Sammo HUNG’s excellence in both literary and martial arts.

Kenneth TAN, Chairman of the Singapore Film Society, said, “From a professional point of view, it is a great pleasure to have Sammo HUNG present his five masterpieces and to exchange views with the industry and fans. As for my personal feelings, I finally have the opportunity to shake the hands of the idol I have admired for decades, WOWWWWWWW!!”

“It is a great opportunity for the Asian Film Awards Academy to invite Director Sammo HUNG to participate in the Masterclass Series, and I am confident that the local audience will get to know Sammo HUNG better through this event, his philosophy of making different films, and the glorious history of Hong Kong cinema,”Asian Film Awards Academy Executive Director, Josie LIN said.

Organised by the Asian Film Awards Academy, co-organised by the Singapore Film Society, financially supported by Create Hong Kong and the Film Development Fund, and supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore, the Masterclass Series will be held at the 12th Singapore Chinese Film Festival with the aim of introducing Hong Kong and Asian filmmakers to the public and enhancing their understanding of the film industry through lectures. In the in-depth interviews of the masterclass, the audience can learn about the little-known behind-the-scenes stories and creative processes of the filmmakers.

Event Details

Asian Film Awards Academy presents Sammo Hung’s Masterclass at

LASALLE College of the Arts, SIA Theatre, 1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940

Free admission with pre-event registration required. Register: sammohungmasterclass.peatix.com

Sammo Hung’s Retrospective Movie Screenings at

Golden Village Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street #05-01, Singapore 188067

Tickets can be purchased at any GV Cinema box office or website gv.com.sg .


S$15.50: Public

S$14.50: Singapore Film Society Member / Singapore University of Social Sciences Faculty, Students, Alumni / GV Movie Club Member*

*All films will be shown in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles. Please present your valid membership card or enter the promo code when purchasing tickets. Use the promo code to purchase tickets online and purchase up to 4 tickets per transaction.

Film title

Warriors Two


Actor, director, martial arts director

Date/Time: May 3 (Friday) 7:00pm (Rating Advisory TBC).

(Sammo Hung to attend the pre-screening greeting)

The origin of Wing Chun, which became famous overseas through the “Ip Man” films. The film is a great demonstration of martial arts style and techniques of the Sammo Hung Stunt Team. Through this film, director Hung will talk about his and the Team’s influence on martial arts-based action films in the 70s.

Encounters of the Spooky Kind


Actor, director, martial arts director, screenwriter

Date/Time: May 4 (Saturday) 12:00pm (Rating Advisory TBC).

The film that created the Hong Kong-style zombie films, a new direction of psychedelic thriller comedy, and one of the symbolic Hung’s works in the 80s that combined comedy and martial arts. Through this film, director Hung will share how he developed an original style of Hong Kong-style comedy and his influence on Hong Kong cinema.

Winners and Sinners


Actor, director, screenwriter

Date/Time: May 4 (Saturday) 7:00pm (Rating Advisory TBC).

First work of the “Lucky Star” series and a masterpiece of contemporary HK comedy, while Sammo Hung’s role Teapot was the prototype of his classic character Partridge. In the masterclass, the film is an introduction to the story of director Hong’s career in the 80s, and his success in the Hollywood.

The Bodyguard


Actor, director, martial arts director

Date/Time: May 5 (Sunday) 11:30am (Rating Advisory TBC).

Sammo Hung to attend the post-screening Q&A

One of Sammo Hung’s most recent works. A showcase on Hung’s excellence in both literary and martial arts. In the masterclass, Hung will share his experiences working in Mainland China in the 2000s.

Painted Faces



Date/Time: 5 May (Sun) 7:00pm (Rating Advisory TBC).

Closing film of the 12th Singapore Chinese Film Festival

The film adapted from Sammo Hung’s childhood, and for which he won Best Actor at the 8th Hong Kong Film Awards. In the masterclass, this film will bring out Director Hung’s childhood memories and the bits and pieces of the beginning of his career.

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