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Reworded: “Terror Vision presents Game of Killers now available on Blu-ray.”
Reworded: "Terror Vision presents Game of Killers now available on Blu-ray."

Reworded: “Terror Vision presents Game of Killers now available on Blu-ray.”

Game of Killers | Blu-ray (Terror Vision)

Game of Killers | Blu-ray (Terror Vision)


In January 2024, Terror Vision will release a Region Free Blu-ray for Game of Killers, a 1982 Taiwanese martial arts movie directed by Hui Sing-Yue (The Sword of Justice). The film features Barry Chan (Fearless Kung Fu Elements), Lung Chan (Bloody Mission), Chu Shao-Hwa (Struggle Through Death), and Chun-Eah Lung.

Official details:

A single map, numerous murderers. Two unexpected allies meet and unite when they acquire a highly sought-after map. How will they protect themselves from a horde of killers who also seek the map in this deadly game?

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Terror Vision is pleased to announce to present this rare kung-fu film that has been bootlegged and presented unfairly for decades. For the first time since its theatrical release, Game of Killers is scanned, restored, and presented in its original aspect ratio of 2.35:1. Game of Killers survives from a print that was found in a warehouse in China that suffered immense damage and loss of color during its chemical breakdown from unhealthy storage conditions.

Terror Vision has carefully restored and color-corrected the print to provide you with the highest quality picture available. While there may still be some imperfections, it is impossible not to appreciate this unique and eccentric piece of film!

There are two versions of Game of Killers available: The first is the 81-minute U.S. cut, which features the U.S. soundtrack. The second version is a bonus alternate cut that runs for 90 minutes and has a different soundtrack.


  • Extended version of the movie

  • Conversation with Barry Chan

  • Reworded: “The Uncharted Impact of Barry Chan: An Illustrated Essay by Shaun Williams from the Fu For Thought Podcast and Ryan Verrill from Someone’s Favorite Productions.”

  • Region Free
  • 81/90 min
  • 2.35:1

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