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“Review of the Short Film Enflightenment (2023) Directed by Teo Wey Yinn”
"Review of the Short Film Enflightenment (2023) Directed by Teo Wey Yinn"

“Review of the Short Film Enflightenment (2023) Directed by Teo Wey Yinn”

In the description of the movie: In a future world, there was a man who was unable to grow wings. He has a strong desire to fly and becomes fixated on it, even having vivid dreams about flying each night. However, one day his dreams suddenly disappear and he is unable to “fly” in his dreams anymore. This devastates him and he resorts to extreme measures like taking illegal drugs and risky injections to artificially grow wings, but none of them are effective. Realizing that he will never be able to have physical wings, he sets out to create his own flying machine and ultimately creates his own haven of flight.

The “Enlightenment” review is included in the Submit Your Film Initiative.

The movie opens with a man being interviewed on camera discussing a dream he had about a man with wings. The depiction of the dream is constantly changing, with shots from various angles, the man playing with a dreamcatcher, and a filter that makes it seem as though we are viewing him through water. At times, he even dances. He then gives a tour of his apartment, showcasing some unusual machines that he owns, before returning to the topic of flying and wings. It becomes clear that he is attempting to create a flying machine, in a world where displaying wings in public is prohibited by law.

“Enflightenment” creatively utilizes its likely constrained budget, incorporating elements from stage plays, performances, and short films. The director, Teo Wey Yinn, and his cinematographer, Adrian Wong, employ various visual techniques, such as different perspectives of the main character, to enhance the cinematic quality of the film. Additionally, Teo and Audrie Yeo’s skillful editing adds a sense of momentum to the film, ultimately making it visually pleasing.

In the setting of the story, the use of wings is symbolic of LGBT rights in Malaysia, where they are heavily restricted. Teo handles this theme subtly, making the metaphor applicable to any dream or restriction.

Roshafiq Roslee in the protagonist role is captivating on occasion, with his evident charisma becoming evident throughout the 11 minutes of the short.

The film “Enflightenment” is essentially an experimental short disguised as an art-house piece. However, this unique approach proves to be effective and makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. The movie also offers interesting ideas through its use of a flying metaphor.