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Review of the movie “Silent Murders” (2023) directed by Amit Dubey.
Review of the movie "Silent Murders" (2023) directed by Amit Dubey.

Review of the movie “Silent Murders” (2023) directed by Amit Dubey.

Mia (played by Emily Markiss) is devastated when she receives a disturbing phone call informing her of her brother’s death in Cambodia. In a hurry to see his remains, she meets up with his friend Sam (played by Evan Heiser). As they investigate the circumstances surrounding his death, they discover that similar incidents have occurred in the city in recent years. Initially, they suspect a criminal associate of her brother’s, but as they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover more complexities and are forced to navigate through the Cambodian criminal underworld.

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To be honest, “Silent Murders” is a decent, but not particularly remarkable, movie in the genre. The writer and director, Dubey, presents some interesting ideas in the storyline. The main plot follows Mia as she investigates her brother’s death in a foreign city and encounters those responsible for his murder. While this premise may seem cliched, it still adds an intriguing element to the film. The diverse cast is integrated naturally as Mia’s outsider perspective and struggles to adapt to the city’s culture plays a significant role in the story. As Mia navigates the criminal underworld, she gradually realizes the dangers and brutality that she is facing, creating a strong foundation for the plot.


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The plot of “Silent Murders” centers on a captivating murder mystery. The main character’s brother’s condition and the evidence surrounding it lead her and another character to investigate various individuals who were around her brother at the time of his death. Along the way, they come across potential suspects and are met with surprising twists and turns. In the second half of the story, the crimes gradually come together in a thrilling series of events. The climax of the story reveals the true motive behind the original murder and exposes the interconnected reasons why the culprits conspired to commit it, including a shocking twist ending.

Apart from that, the film “Silent Murders” is not very entertaining. The main reason for this is the slow pace that fails to capture any real interest in the plot. A majority of the time is spent with Mia complaining to Sam about the drug dealer who sold drugs to her brother, or which member of the underworld gang they need to speak to in order to uncover the truth and meet up with them. This setup is not particularly engaging and often leads to a never-ending series of similar scenes where they encounter various questionable or kind-hearted individuals involved in the underworld ring. As a result, the viewer is left watching flashbacks of how they met Mia’s brother or the daily lives of these individuals while everyone simply listens to the story being told. While this setup may be acceptable initially, it becomes tedious over time.

The film is rushed and lacks a sense of completion. Its short duration suggests that there is more to the story, particularly regarding the interconnected murders of foreigners in Phnom Penh. However, this aspect is never fully explored, despite it being a logical explanation for the incidents. This storyline has potential for further development in a longer feature, but unfortunately, there is not enough time to do so as the majority of the film focuses on other aspects. The investigation conducted by Mia and Sam is a series of one-sided interviews, which quickly reveal the mystery and do not add much to the plot. These elements ultimately bring down the overall quality of the film.

“Silent Murders” is a moderately entertaining crime thriller, with a balanced mix of strengths and weaknesses. While the flaws may be slightly more prominent, the overall viewing experience is still enjoyable. If you appreciate this genre and can overlook the imperfections, or if you’re a fan of the production team, it may be worth giving this film a chance.