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Review of the manhwa Jungle Juice Volume 1 (2023) written by Hyeong Eun and illustrated by Juder.
Review of the manhwa Jungle Juice Volume 1 (2023) written by Hyeong Eun and illustrated by Juder.

Review of the manhwa Jungle Juice Volume 1 (2023) written by Hyeong Eun and illustrated by Juder.

In every society, there exists a hierarchy, and Suchan Jang, a college student, holds a prominent position. Despite his charm and popularity, he harbors a secret that prevents him from forming close relationships with others – he has dragonfly wings hidden beneath his clothes. When he is forced to reveal his wings in order to save the girl he likes, Suchan’s status suddenly plummets to the lowest level. In this state of isolation and vulnerability, he discovers a covert community of human-insect hybrids. Surrounded by both allies and enemies, this world offers Suchan the chance to start anew. The only thing left for him to do is climb his way back to the top.

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Hyeong Eun’s “Jungle Juice” exemplifies why Korean WebToon/manhwa series dominate here in the West, merging engaging teenage drama with explosive action with such joy that now escapes many of the mainstream comic-book publishers. Indeed, “Jungle Juice” is pure, unrestrained fun, making the work an easy-to-pick-up but hard-to-put-down series, thanks to several factors that blend well together.

The students who attend the underground university for bug-folk have a wide range of personalities and special abilities based on the type of insect they have merged with. The main character, Suchan Jang, possesses powers that are well-suited to his role, with a careful mix of speed and heightened senses that he must learn to control while facing threats from dragonfly predators. As a result, forming alliances and building relationships with other insect kin play a crucial role in Jang’s development and understanding of his abilities.

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Suchan Jang, the protagonist in “Jungle Juice”, is both physically and morally balanced, making him an ideal hero for navigating the world of human/insect hybrids. His strong sense of morality and compassion make him instantly likeable and worthy of support. The supporting characters are also well-developed, with even the more extreme personalities, like Professor Ji, being relatable and engaging. Despite the slightly silly premise of the series, “Jungle Juice” excels in balancing multiple personalities and seamlessly integrating them into the world, making it one of its greatest strengths.

While the writing is proficient, it is important to recognize that the material remains superficial. There are no deeper symbolic meanings, efforts to tackle societal issues, or attempts to cater to the reader. Hyeong Eun delivers a direct adventure series where adolescents with insect abilities compete against each other to reach the top of their class. It is in this straightforwardness that “Jungle Juice” excels.

“Jungle Juice” stands out as a visually striking book in the action genre. The author effectively combines intense action scenes with insect imagery to emphasize the sources of strength for the characters. The chaotic college setting is well-captured in the backdrop, and the characters’ fashion adds a cool and contemporary touch.

The first installment of “Jungle Juice” presents the story as being in its early stages. There is potential for growth and anticipation to see where Hyeong Eun will lead the story. However, this also raises some concerns about whether the series can maintain the same pace and excitement in future releases. Nevertheless, since the book is well-crafted, there is reason to be hopeful about its future instead of stressing over its potential downfall.

As it stands, “Jungle Juice” may be the most exciting and entertaining manhwa to come to print. Combine this with the artistic skills of Juder, and the book is a must-read/collect for those who like action/hero comics. However, with how clean and sharp the content is presented, the physical release is, undeniably, the preferred way to enjoy “Jungle Juice.”