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Review of the Manhua “Confessions of a 35 Year Old (2024)” written by TEI.
Review of the Manhua "Confessions of a 35 Year Old (2024)" written by TEI.

Review of the Manhua “Confessions of a 35 Year Old (2024)” written by TEI.

An honest examination of the challenges of seeking love in your thirties.

Jason, a single office worker at the age of 35, usually struggles to find love. He doesn’t pay much attention to his new coworker Frank when he starts working at the company. However, when a random meeting leads to more shared experiences, an unexpected turn in their dynamic leads to Jason and Frank becoming roommates. Will Jason realize that this new arrangement may bring love into his life?

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It’s not easy to come across BL stories that focus on mature adult relationships, especially those that authentically delve into the complexities of romance in later stages of life. “Confessions of a 35 Year Old” sets out to fill this gap, following two men who carry baggage from past failures and grapple with their emotions. Additionally, the title provides a rare look into Taiwanese ‘manga’ and its ability to tackle the genre with equal thoughtfulness and talent as its Japanese counterparts.

The way TEI is written is undoubtedly captivating and carefully considers the budding relationship between two characters who cannot easily fall in love, as often portrayed in other BL titles targeted towards a younger audience. The book’s greatest quality is its ability to navigate the challenges of being single in one’s 30s, with office politics and family responsibilities all influencing the story’s progression. TEI explores numerous aspects of gay relationships in a meaningful way, which is even more impressive given that it is a single release.

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This is not to say that “Confessions of a 35 Year Old” is overly serious; it understands how the genre relies on those touching moments and cute interactions. This runs from the initial confession to that awkward ‘bumping into each other’ in the kitchen. The sense of sexual tension and awkward flirting is not diminished but less pronounced, considering the issues the characters face. Moreover, this all culminates in a rather touching ending that fans of BL will appreciate.

The visual aspect of TEI is well-suited for the BL genre, giving the characters distinct personalities but not much more. In comparison, the art is similar to manga, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing given the popularity of BL in Japan. Some added visual flair or romanticized panels could have enhanced the exploration of emotions in “Confessions of a 35 Year Old,” but overall, the art does not disappoint in terms of its potential.

“Impressively showcasing the potential for manhua to rival manga in the same market, “Confessions of a 35-Year-Old” is a powerful single-volume release. The book delves into the complexities of a mature relationship, addressing the challenges that come with it, such as societal pressures to conceal one’s orientation for the sake of family.”

The visual direction may only be serviceable, and the open conclusion will leave some wishing for a multi-volume release. Still, for a singular experience, TEI’s “Confessions of a 35-Year-Old” is an undeniable gem in the BL genre that fans should check out.