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Review of Short Film: Life of Cloud (2023) directed by Wylie Chan
Review of Short Film: Life of Cloud (2023) directed by Wylie Chan

Review of Short Film: Life of Cloud (2023) directed by Wylie Chan

“Will I be going to Heaven?”

A common expression suggests that individuals who only focus on their dreams have lost touch with reality. It can be challenging to connect with these individuals, as they are often consumed by their fantasies and may not consider the impact on others or their long-term goals. Director Wylie Chan’s 2023 short film, “Life of Cloud”, explores this concept and showcases his talent for visual storytelling through the use of CGI elements. The film follows a person as they come to terms with their life and its realities.

Since his childhood, Cheung Tak-hung (Chu Pak-Hong), an inventor, has been fixated on creating clouds. He becomes so absorbed in his pursuit that he forgets all else, including his loved ones. However, his focus is abruptly interrupted when he suffers a fatal heart attack while aboard a plane. The flight attendant (Kaki Sham) reveals that Cheung has entered the afterlife and must now decide whether he will go to heaven or hell. Presented with a screen displaying all the people he has connections with, he must choose five individuals who can verify his existence and explain the purpose of his cloud-making. Initially confident, Cheung is ultimately humbled by the testimony of his friends and family.

Although there are some noteworthy aspects of the visual elements of this feature, the story is rather predictable. Despite the main character being more relatable than Charles Dickens’ Scrooge, his self-centered traits lead to a catharsis that is not surprising to most viewers. The performances, particularly by Chu Pak-Hong, are commendable and do result in some enjoyable moments. However, the cheesy elements ultimately take over, and the final few images may be considered bothersome.

Because “Life of Cloud” includes CGI scenes, it is important to examine them closely. The depiction of the main character’s attempts at creating clouds, which are not yet perfect, is visually impressive and reflects his fascination and obsession. However, there could have been potential to add more depth to his experiments and address the state of the world he inhabits. Additionally, this also hints at the protagonist’s self-centeredness, as previously mentioned.

“The Cloud’s Existence” is a brief storyline that depicts individuals consumed by their dreams and disconnected from the reality around them. Although Wylie Chan effectively uses graphics to portray the tale, the plot itself lacks complexity and becomes ensnared in artificial sentimentality by the conclusion.