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New graphic novels coming out in December announced by ABLAZE.
New graphic novels coming out in December announced by ABLAZE.

New graphic novels coming out in December announced by ABLAZE.

Comics and graphic novel publisher ABLAZE prepares to end 2023 on a strong note as it details a compelling collection of new titles set for December release as well as advance solicitations for a pair of notable February debuts. 

The launch of THE AWL, a graphic novel series, features themes inspired by Manhwa and webtoons. The series portrays the struggles of workers at a large Korean superstore, highlighting social issues and their pursuit of better lives and working conditions. It has received the prestigious Korean Cartoon of Today Prize. In December, readers can also enjoy ZOMBIE MAKEOUT CLUB, a stylish and dark Webtoon series now available in print for the first time. Continuing the action-packed manhwa trend, Vol. 2 of GET SCHOOLED and TERROR MAN, both based on popular Korean webtoon dramas, are also available.

In December, ABLAZE has announced two highly anticipated titles for release in February 2024. These include a trade paperback version of the Eisner Award-nominated sci-fi comic, TRAVELING TO MARS, written by renowned author Mark Russell and illustrated by Roberto Meli, as well as Volume 2 of the ABLAZE Manga series, GANNIBAL, created by Masaaki Ninomiya.

In the month of December, there will be new releases in various ABLAZE comic book series. These include the second issue of THE AGENT, a supernatural crime story in full color created and written by Mathieu Gabella, with illustrations by Fernando Dagnino. Also coming out is the second issue of THE PRISM, a rock-n-roll sci-fi journey created by Matteo De Longis (known for Avengers: The Initiative and Sky Doll Space Ship).

The first volume of THE AWL, written and illustrated by Gyu-seok Choi.

The suggested retail price is $9.99 for a book with 248 pages and an ISBN of 978-1-68497-190-9.

Appropriate for Older Teenage Readers ∙ Released on December 6th 

The Awl tells the tale of everyday individuals fighting to be recognized as human beings.

Due to the greed and immoral behavior of the company, a sense of mutual respect has developed between Yi Su-in, a young executive, and Gu Go-sin, a union activist. After witnessing the true nature of their employers, Yi decides to join Gu in their efforts to create a union for the employees. However, despite the unfavorable working conditions, the workers are hesitant to take action…until they witness a disturbing event involving one of their own colleagues.

The second installment of ZOMBIE MAKEOUT CLUB features both the written and illustrated work of Peter Richardson.

The suggested retail price is $9.99 for a book with 176 pages and an ISBN of 978-1-68497-235-7.
, 2020

Appropriate for Teenagers Age 16 and Up ∙ Released on December 6, 2020th 

Driven by the enigmatic force of “Black Blood” and a strikingly gruesome style, numerous youths residing in Death City are thrust into a perilous battle against a shadowy group intent on exploiting their bodies and powers. As Yuka embarks on a quest to locate her vanished sister, she becomes entangled in a sinister plot involving serial murders, insanity, and secrets. Along the way, she crosses paths with Ai, who has recently awoken within the organization’s compound. Together, the two girls must evade a formidable enemy and her human accomplice, but for what purpose and by what methods?

Be on the lookout for the release of new products in February 2024 by taking advantage of the opportunity to place advanced orders in December.

TRAVELING TO MARS TP EDITION, story by Mark Russell, art by Roberto Meli

Price: $29.99 for 280 pages with ISBN number 978-1-68497-189-3.

“Great for teens ages 18 and up. Coming February 2024.”

This captivating sci-fi tale has been nominated for an Eisner Award and is created by acclaimed writer Mark Russell and talented artist Roberto Meli.

The tale of Roy Livingston, a former manager of a pet store, who becomes the first human to land on Mars. Roy was selected for this improbable journey due to his terminal illness, which means he has no hope of returning. Accompanying him on this mission are two Mars rovers, Leopold and Albert, equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, who view the dying pet store manager as a deity. As he faces his own mortality and that of humanity, Roy reflects on the mistakes made and the significance of being a dying god. This captivating narrative explores the wonders of space exploration and the search for purpose in one’s final moments.

The second volume of GANNIBAL, featuring storytelling and illustrations by Masaaki Ninomiya.

Price: $12.99, 280 pages, ISBN: 978-1-68497-220-3

“Perfect for mature teenage readers, this book will be released on February 14.”th 2024

Officer Daigo Agawa did not anticipate the events that would unfold during his official assignment to the secluded mountain village of Kuge. Initially seen as a chance for a new beginning for his family, it has now become a distressing situation. With the unexpected arrival of the daughter of his missing predecessor, Agawa is determined to uncover the truth behind the strange occurrences plaguing the village, all seemingly connected to the powerful Koto family.

The Koto family is not ignoring Agawa’s suspicions and they take action against the police officer in two ways. Agawa faces the Koto family on their own territory, while another group from the clan goes to confront Agawa’s wife and child at their residence. What is their plan? Will Agawa be able to get out of his difficult situation in time?

Gannibal, a manga series filled with fear-inducing thrills and intense suspense, is a true masterpiece of horror. With stunning illustrations by Masaaki Ninomiya and an enthralling plot, the TV adaptation of Season One is now available for streaming on Hulu!

New December 2023 volumes/issues for continuing ABLAZE titles:

Study up with the second volume of GET SCHOOLED, featuring a story by Dongwoo Han and artwork by Jinho Ko.
SRP: $19.99 ∙ 280 Pages ∙ ISBN: 978-1-68497-207-4
, 2019

Appropriate for teenage readers over the age of 18 ∙ Release date: December 6th, 2019th

As Hwajin Na’s TRPA team grows, those who engage in wrongdoing within the Korean education system will be unable to prevail. As they tackle new tasks, they realize that their approach to addressing wrongdoings must also encompass both students and teachers. Very few instances of bad conduct occur without reason, and Hwajin and Hanrim use unconventional methods to prevent school-related disorder from occurring.

Volume 2 of TERROR MAN, written by Yongtaek Chae and illustrated by Garam Han.
SRP: $19.99 ∙ 264 Pages ∙ ISBN: 978-1-68497-206-7
, 2021

Appropriate for teenage readers ages 17 and up ∙ Release date: December 6, 2021th

Jungwoo’s renewed determination has brought him closer to the leaders of the criminal organization responsible for his mother’s death, but it came at a cost. Jungwoo and his team have faced injuries, the death of the police investigator who sought the truth, and the involvement of Jungwoo’s childhood friend. Despite these setbacks, Terror Man’s quest for justice has only grown stronger, but what will be the consequences of this pursuit? And is there a fine line between seeking justice and seeking revenge?

A new animated series based on the works of Studio Bazooka & Dr. Movie will be released in the near future!

The second edition of THE AGENT features a story and artwork by Mathieu Gabella and Fernando Dagnino respectively.
SRP: $3.99 ∙ Available December 13th

Although her coworkers are unsure about the subway incident, Rhym has a strong feeling that there is something hidden beneath the surface. She has always relied on her intuition, but this time it leads her into uncharted territory. As she takes on more than she can handle, she encounters Sebastian, a member of a secretive group that controls and utilizes ancient knowledge. He has been instructed to recruit her, but for what reason? What sets Rhym apart?

“The third issue of THE PRISM features a captivating story and stunning artwork by Matteo De Longis.”
SRP: $3.99 ∙ Available December 20th

The group is now complete! The leaders are prepared! The timer has begun! The PRISM is embarking on their journey through the Solar System, departing from their at-risk planet to face the challenges of their mission in uncharted territory. As individuals who have yet to become acquainted, will they unite and create the harmony needed to overcome The Smoke on the Water? And can they achieve success while doing so?

ABLAZE titles are globally distributed in physical format through Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors. Electronic versions of ABLAZE titles can be found on the majority of major digital platforms.


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The ABLAZE website can be found at http://www.ablaze.net.

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Contact ABLAZE at [email protected].


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