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Movie Critique: Spooky Crawlies (2023) directed by Chalit Krileadmongkon and Pakphum Wongjinda.
Movie Critique: Spooky Crawlies (2023) directed by Chalit Krileadmongkon and Pakphum Wongjinda.

Movie Critique: Spooky Crawlies (2023) directed by Chalit Krileadmongkon and Pakphum Wongjinda.

For many years, folklore and native myths have been a popular source of content in the horror genre. They have been used in various ways, whether as small parts of a larger story or as the basis for entire films. From creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster to simpler tales such as “When a Stranger Calls” and “Urban Legends,” these stories are often used to create intriguing content. Directors Chalit Krileadmongkon and Pakphun Wongjinda, known for their successful film “Leio: The Terrible Giant,” draw inspiration from a Thai legend about a centipede that can possess humans to create another captivating creature feature called “Creepy Crawly.” It will be available on Digital and Blu-Ray from WellGo USA on October 3.

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During the initial phase of the pandemic, vloggers Fame (Chanya McClory) and her brother Phil (Benjamin Joseph Varney) are accompanied by Leo (Pirat Nitipaisakul), his sister Lena (Kulteera Yordchang), and others at the Srichanphen Hotel for a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine. Under the watchful eye of hotel manager Mr. Wit (David Asavanond), they begin their required stay, but soon become disturbed by mysterious disappearances within the hotel that no one else seems to acknowledge. As time passes and the group realizes the danger they are facing, they come to the realization that one of their fellow guests has been possessed by a mystical centipede-like creature that requires human hosts to survive and thrive. They must now find a way to defeat the creature before it consumes them all and spreads its terror across the world.

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The movie “Creepy Crawly” was overall enjoyable and had many positive aspects. One of the highlights is the unique storyline crafted by writers and directors Krileadmongkon and Wongjinda, which merges different time periods while still delivering an intriguing plot. The film kicks off with a compelling setup, where all characters are quarantined in a poorly-prepared hotel and must follow strict guidelines. This is made more interesting by the presence of a mystical centipede creature that can possess people’s bodies. The creature’s folklore adds to the tension and uncertainty in an already tense pandemic setting, making the story even more thrilling.

Additionally, the film “Creepy Crawly” effectively incorporates elements of creature features. The use of the legend adds an element of fun to the story. The initial attacks are exaggerated, with the possessed character creeping around and snatching victims in the dark and isolated areas of the hotel. This allows for the use of sneak attacks and the creature’s elongated tentacles to deliver fatal blows. Since there are no witnesses or evidence left behind, the film builds suspense as the characters try to uncover the identity of the perpetrator. The creature’s ability to possess others and control them adds an intriguing twist, as the characters must navigate through a sea of crawling creatures in the final act, resulting in impressive visual effects.

However, the film “Creepy Crawly” has significant flaws. The main issue is that it focuses on the hotel’s guests and staff trying to avoid catching a disease rather than confronting the creature that is on the loose. A large portion of the film is dedicated to showing the cleaning procedures and safety measures being implemented at the hotel, which takes away from the importance of the creature. The creature appears unexpectedly and starts causing chaos in a seemingly random manner, while the rest of the film follows the staff dealing with a high influx of guests and their own personal problems. This lack of focus on the main plot leaves the film with a weak storyline and little investment until the final part.

One issue with “Creepy Crawly” is that the second half takes a strange turn. Instead of following the idea that the creature is searching for a suitable host among the staff and guests, the story becomes confusing and involves a famous person with a unique blood type that the centipede wants to use for immortality. Multiple flashbacks attempt to explain this connection, but it only adds to the illogical nature of the film’s weak ending. Additionally, the unnecessary inclusion of subplots, such as the hotel owner’s affair, only serves to extend the running time and can be frustrating for viewers. These factors ultimately bring down the overall quality of the film.

“Creepy Crawly” offers a variety of strong creature feature elements, but is hindered by certain aspects of the storyline. Despite this, it remains a solid film that may appeal to those who enjoy this genre or are interested in it.