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ick Book Review: “Jungle Juice Vol. 2 (2023)” by Hyeong Eun and Juderick

Book Review: "Jungle Juice Vol. 2 (2023)" by Hyeong Eun and Juderick

ick Book Review: “Jungle Juice Vol. 2 (2023)” by Hyeong Eun and Juderick

Jungle Juice continues to impress with its bug-fused action.

Suchan is determined to reclaim his normal life as the top student at NEST. To achieve this, he must excel at his first group assignment: finding a single can of Jungle Juice in human society. However, this task proves to be more challenging than expected. Luckily, Suchan and Huijin stumble upon a potential lead. But their luck runs out when they arrive at an abandoned warehouse and come face to face with a dangerous creature who is intent on making Huijin its next victim.

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The first installment of “Jungle Juice” brought thrilling superhero action with an insect twist, featuring characters whose abilities were based on the last bug they defeated. This series fulfilled the demand for unique content in the genre, which can often feel repetitive due to the overwhelming quantity and lower standards of most Western mainstream comics. For readers of the leading two publishers seeking to explore alternative styles, this title showcases the finest work in the medium.

The second installment solidifies the series’ reputation, garnering a strong following online as it continues. In essence, the book delivers more of the standout elements from the first, such as action-packed insect fights and stylish character designs that effectively capture the essence of modern superheroes.

Hyeong Eun and Juder demonstrate their ability to handle a growing group of characters in a noteworthy way. Volume two adds to the already impressive roster of bug-based heroes and villains with some captivating new additions, including a proper introduction to the main antagonist who can harness the abilities of a bell-diving spider. The duo also showcases their skill in incorporating established characters, as seen in the scorpion-powered Dohwa’s compelling mini-arc revealing her past struggles as an orphan ostracized for her powers. These elements exhibit the team’s strong grasp on their vision and their ability to maintain consistently thrilling pacing.

In terms of appearance, digital art that depends on specific tools will never measure up to hand-drawn superhero action. Nonetheless, Juder presents a convincing argument for the potential of digital art to provide competition. This is reinforced by impressive direction and fluidity in fight scenes, captivating readers and diverting their attention from the plain backgrounds. The physical version is also expertly produced, with Ize Press incorporating vibrant pink in the pages and cover, in contrast to the previous edition’s use of green. This creates a visual of lively instincts and gives the physical copy a sleek appearance. Without a doubt, the physical version is the preferred option for this series.

“Jungle Juice” continues to captivate readers with its thrilling blend of bugs and action. It was an easy choice to include in our list of top manga for 2023, thanks to its exceptional quality and engaging storyline. Works like this will solidify webtoons’ position as a dominant force in both the online and physical media realms. Don’t miss your chance to grab a copy of this fantastic series.