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Film Festival The 17th Five Flavours Film Festival presents the ethereal poetry of Chihiro Ito through her films.
Film Festival

The 17th Five Flavours Film Festival presents the ethereal poetry of Chihiro Ito through her films.

Film Festival The 17th Five Flavours Film Festival presents the ethereal poetry of Chihiro Ito through her films.

Reworded: Surprising, charged with sensuality, and exploring the deeper meaning of life. Chihiro Ito’s films appear to exist in a different world. Attendees of the Five Flavours festival will have the opportunity to view two of the artist’s films, which offer a refreshing perspective in the realm of Japanese independent cinema. The director will also be present as a guest at the festival.

Chihiro Ito may not yet be a household name in the world of film, but the Japanese director has already proven she has a lot of talent and sensitivity. She may be just beginning her career as film director, but her artistic output has been recognized for years – she has been a successful writer, screenwriter, and playwirght. Before turning to the camera, she wrote a few novels and film scripts (including one for Isao Yukisada).

Chihiro Ito’s primary focus in both literature and cinema is the body. The strength of her storytelling lies not in dialogue, but in the unique and sensory atmosphere she creates. Her films possess an otherworldly quality – elusive, enigmatic, and sometimes eerie. They can easily be compared to the works of Ryūsuke Hamaguchi or Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Ito’s poetic style centers on a fascination with the human body and a search for the non-human, making her an acclaimed figure in Japanese arthouse cinema.

The filmmaker, who has yet to gain recognition in Poland, will be traveling to Warsaw to showcase her two movies. The provocative love story “In Her Room” will be featured as a Special Screening, while the otherworldly “Side by Side” will be part of the competition section. “In Her Room” follows a reserved dentist who becomes entangled in a passionate affair with a mysterious woman. “Side by Side” explores the dynamic between an individual and nature, delving into a fantastical alternate reality. Both films will be available for viewing in theaters and online. The European premiere of “Side by Side” will take place at the Festival screenings.

In Her Room

Hitoribocchi ja nai, dir. Chihiro Ito, Japan 2022, 136’

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After work each day, a timid dentist meets with a enigmatic woman. In her room, they discuss their sensual perceptions of the world and their fantasies. The room is filled with vibrant green plants, intensifying their sensations. In this plant-filled space, the couple feels as though they are in the safety and warmth of the mother’s womb. It serves as their sanctuary for exploring both their spiritual and physical desires. However, their tranquil harmony is disrupted when a third person enters the picture. The resulting love triangle becomes a tumultuous journey fueled by jealousy and impulsive actions.

Chihiro Ito’s serene first film captivates and mesmerizes. “In Her Room” is a movie brimming with conflicting emotions – it offers a compassionate view of the desire for intimacy while also serving as a commentary on the emptiness of loneliness, leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

Side by Side

Ito Chihiro, a director from Japan, will release a 130-minute film titled “Saido” in 2023. The film will feature a person who lives next door to Saido Bai.

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Miyama is a young man with a mysterious background. Other than his relationship with Shiori, little is known about his past. He suddenly appeared in a small town in Nagano prefecture and was warmly welcomed by the locals due to his ability to sense the thoughts of others. This unique skill has made him a kind of local healer. Along with being a good listener, he is also attuned to the physical and emotional problems of those around him. However, this takes a toll on his own mental well-being as he witnesses spiritual transformations in his “patients.” As time goes on, his seemingly peaceful life is disturbed by strange apparitions that only he can see.

“Side by Side” is a visual meditation on the way in which the human and the non-human elements come together in the world of nature. This is a film that leaves its footprint on the body and invites the audiences to look around and within themselves.

Tickets for the 17th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival are now up for grabs!

The 17th installment of the festival will take place in a combination of virtual and physical events.

  • On the internet, across Poland: November 15 – December 3, 2023

  • At the cinema: November 15-21, 2023, in Warsaw at Kino Muranów and Kinoteka.

There are two kinds of passes that you can get:

  • The Five Flavours Cinema+Online Pass, which costs 350 PLN, allows entry to all movie showings (except for the opening ceremony) both in theaters and on the festival’s video platform. The program will include a minimum of 37 feature films. There is a limited quantity of passes available.

  • The Five Flavours Online Pass costs 190 PLN and allows you to watch all films on the festival’s video platform. There will be a minimum of 27 films available online from the festival program. The online passes are unlimited and can also be bought during the festival.

Buy the pass

Those who have the Five Flavours Cinema+Online Pass must make seat reservations for cinema showings. Reservations can be made through a user-friendly platform, accessible on any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Starting October 26, once the complete festival schedule is revealed, tickets for individual movie screenings at cinemas and single access to the online platform will be up for sale.

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