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Fatal Termination | Blu-ray (Error_4444)
Fatal Termination | Blu-ray (Error_4444)

Fatal Termination | Blu-ray (Error_4444)

RELEASE DATE: September 2023

In September, the independent label Error_4444 from the United States will be releasing a Blu-ray for Fatal Termination. This 1990 action film from Hong Kong was directed by Andrew Kam Yeung Wah and features a star-studded cast including Moon Lee, Phillip Ko, Ray Lui, Michael Miu, Robin Shou, Simon Yam, and Mike Abbott.

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When the necessary weapons for a high-risk weapons transaction disappear due to a complex plan to undermine the intermediary, a ruthless criminal known as Ko Mok Fu (the deceased but esteemed Phillip Ko) begins to discover bodies of law enforcement, innocent bystanders, and fellow gang members.

The situation quickly becomes chaotic as two married officers, Moon and John, are caught in the middle. This leads them down a path of seeking revenge as vigilantes.

Moon Lee is well-known for her roles in the action films of 80s/90s Hong Kong cinema that feature “girls-with-guns.” She gained recognition in this popular subgenre by taking on physically demanding roles and delivering powerful performances in movies like Angel Terminators II, Dreaming the Reality, Killer Angels, and more.

Error 4444 is excited to showcase Fatal Termination, a highly intense action movie from Hong Kong. This unedited version includes a scene that is notorious for being one of the most recklessly hazardous stunts ever captured on camera.

Only 1,000 units of the Collector’s Edition Slipcover #1 and Slipcover #2 are available.

Limited Contents:

  • Slipcover #1 Double-Sided Slipcover w/ New Artwork by Justin Coffee & Bimo
  • Or Slipcover #2 Double-Sided Slipcover w/ Old Artwork Including Thai Art & Chinese Art
  • Brochure containing Essays, Photographs, and Advertising Artwork

  • 3 Stickers
  • Reversible Artwork
  • Restricted Content (Max 500 Only)

  • Sticker with Justin Coffee’s Art in Holographic Design

  • Car Air Freshener with Art by Bimo [Two Scents: New Car & Roadtrip, Given At Random]
  • This poster features artwork on both sides, with Side A showcasing Thai art and Side B showcasing artwork by Justin Coffee.

Special Features

  • Newly restored in 4K with a duration of 93 minutes.

  • 4K English Dub Cut [85 mins.]
  • Interview with Stunt Coordinator, Ridley Tsui, featuring Man of Action [13 minutes]

  • Interview with actor Mike Abbott from Cornwall, duration of 8 minutes.

  • Kenneth Brorsson and Philip Gillon of Podcast on Fire Network provide audio commentary for this podcast.

  • Chinese Dub Ending Song
  • Subtitles are available in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

  • Audio tracks for Cantonese and Mandarin languages.

  • And More

There are additional limited edition options available. For more information, please check out Error 4444.