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“Double the Dragons” | High-definition disc (88 Films)
"Double the Dragons" | High-definition disc (88 Films)

“Double the Dragons” | High-definition disc (88 Films)

RELEASE DATE: September 18, 2023

88 Films will be releasing a Deluxe Blu-ray for the 1992 Jackie Chan film, Twin Dragons, on September 18, 2023. The film features Chan in dual roles and is directed by two Hong Kong legends, Ringo Lam and Tsui Hark. The Blu-ray will be available in Region B.

who rediscover each other as adults

Jackie Chan, a renowned action star, plays alongside comedic sensation Jackie Chan in a tale about twin siblings who were separated during their childhood and reunite as adults.

Individuals who are unexpectedly brought back together after a long period of time.

Kwok (Eastern Condors)

The cast of Twin Dragons includes Maggie Cheung (from Dragon Inn), Nina Li Chi (from Tiger on the Beat), Teddy Robin Kwan (from The Legend of the Wisely), Johnny Wang (from Bloody Brotherhood), David Chiang (from The One-Armed Swordsmen), and Philip Kwok (from Eastern Condors). Chan Yan Kin (The Head Hunter), Chu Yuan (Police Story) as well as a handful of cameos by John Woo (Hand of Death), Wong Jing (Mission Milano), Ng See Yuen (Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth) and many more!


  • Exclusive Rigid Slipcase featuring brand new artwork by Sean Longmore

Double-sided foldout poster with New Artwork and Original Poster Art
  • A new written piece by Paul Bramhall and Thorsten Boose has been included in the 80-page perfect bound book about the film.

  • 4x Artcards
  • Blu-ray with High Definition (1080p) resolution™

    The presentation will be displayed in a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

  • The original theatrical version of Hong Kong (approximately 104 minutes long).
  • There will be English subtitles provided for Cantonese Mono.

  • Cantonese Mono Mix with English Subtitles Option Available

  • English Subtitled Home Video Mix of Cantonese Stereo

  • English Dub Mono
  • Recently Translated Subtitles in English

  • Captions for individuals who are deaf or have trouble hearing

  • Frank Djeng and F.J. DeSanto, experts in Hong Kong cinema, provide commentary on the audio.

  • “Dimension Films Version” (English 5.1 audio)(optional SDH subtitles)(89 minutes)

  • Conversation with Tung Wei and James Ha, both actors.

  • Exclusive scene only available in the Japanese version.

  • Taiwanese Deleted Scenes
  • Revised: Q&A Archive for EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

  • Archive Jackie Chan Interview
  • Archive Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Hong Kong Trailer
  • International Trailer
  • Japanese Trailer
  • Japanese TV Spot
  • English Opening / Closing Credits

This title will soon be purchasable at The Goodie Emporium, an American online store that currently has a wide selection of Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest, and martial arts movies on DVD and Blu-ray. They are constantly adding new titles to their inventory.

Take a look at the Classic Trailer for the movie below: