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Blu-ray of Forced Vengeance (Shout!)
Blu-ray of Forced Vengeance (Shout!)

Blu-ray of Forced Vengeance (Shout!)

Forced Vengeance | Blu-ray (Shout!)

Blu-ray edition of Forced Vengeance released by Shout! Factory.

RELEASE DATE: January 2, 2024

On January 2, 2024, Shout! Factory is releasing the Blu-ray for Forced Vengeance, 1982 actioner directed by James Fargo (Every Which Way But Loose, The Enforcer) that stars martial arts legend Chuck Norris (Code of Silence, Slaughter in San Francisco).

The Lucky Dragon Casino in Hong Kong has lost its luck. The person in charge has wasted the earnings and the owner has been murdered by the criminal organization. The successor to the casino is currently in hiding. However, there is still one card up Lucky Dragon’s sleeve: security specialist Josh Randall (played by Norris). Determined to uncover the leader of the underground responsible for his friend and boss’s death, Randall sets out on a mission. But danger is sure to follow.


When Norris is involved in this active and energetic action film, local gangsters should be prepared to give up their illegal activities.

The festival was helmed by James Fargo, known for directing Clint Eastwood in The Enforcer and Every Which Way But Loose.

The cast of Forced Vengeance includes Mary Louise Weller (known for her role in Serpico), Michael Cavanaugh (from The Gauntlet), David Opatoshu (featured in Americathon), Richard Norton (known for Mission Terminate), and Seiji Sakaguchi, a professional wrestler from Japan.


  • NEW 2023 Scan From The Interpositive
  • Theatrical Trailer