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Almost there | Blu-ray (88 Films)
Almost there | Blu-ray (88 Films)

Almost there | Blu-ray (88 Films)

So Close | Blu-ray (88 Films)

Nearly there | Blu-ray disc (88 Films)

RELEASE DATE: February 2024

In February 2024, 88 Films will release the Blu-ray (Region B) of So Close, a 2002 martial arts movie directed by Corey Yuen (known for No Retreat No Surrender 2). The film features Shu Qi (from Visible Secret), Vicky Zhao Wei (from Shaolin Soccer), and Karen Mok (from King of Comedy).

Two sisters who are skilled assassins find themselves in a complicated situation when they are chased by both the criminals who hired them and a determined female police officer. The movie is famous for its impressive ending, showcasing the superb sword skills of Yasuaki Kurata (known for his role in Eastern Condors). The final fight is a classic, with fierce and acrobatic choreography that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Heon (The Third Way of Love), and Zhang Jingchu

The cast of So Close includes Ben Lam Kwok Bun (known for his role in Flash Point), Song Seung Heon (from The Third Way of Love), and Zhang Jingchu. Heon (2010’s A Better Tomorrow), Gam Hing Yin (Black Mask) and Henry Fong Ping (A Hero Never Dies).

This heading will soon be accessible at The Goodie Emporium, a web-based store located in the United States that currently carries a wide selection of Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest, and martial arts movies on DVD and Blu-ray. New titles are constantly being added to their inventory.

We are still waiting for more information about this release, so keep checking!