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Recipes from India and Around the World
Recipes from India and Around the World

Recipes from India and Around the World

Sharmis Passions is the destination where passion for food meets the art of cooking. You can find here a collection of recipes spanning continents, from sizzling street food to elegant dinner party delights. I have taken the utmost care to present the recipes with step-by-step procedures, handy tips, making videos and mouthwatering visuals.

Greetings and welcome to the central hub of culinary exploration, located at Sharmis Passions!

Latest Recipes

Take a look at our most recent recipes and our recently updated ones.

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Pongal Recipes

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Kannum Pongal Recipes


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Breakfast / Dinner Recipes

Take a look at a variety of popular Indian recipes for breakfast and dinner.

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Lunch Recipes

Explore these delicious and satisfying recipes for rice and lunch dishes.

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Take a look at a selection of first courses or small dishes.

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Gravies / Curries

Take a look at gravies or side dishes that make a delicious accompaniment to roti, paratha, naan, pulao and more.

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Find variety of sweets which includes traditional,festival and popular sweets too.

Tea time snacks

Find variety of savory snacks which includes traditional, festival and tea time snacks too.

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Soup Recipes

Take a look at a selection of calming and comforting soup ideas.

Drinks / Beverages

Take a look at our selection of refreshments, including fruit juices, warm beverages, blended smoothies, milkshakes, and more.

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