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Recipe for Poha | Onion Poha Recipe
Recipe for Poha | Onion Poha Recipe

Recipe for Poha | Onion Poha Recipe

The Poha Recipe is a well-known morning meal created with flattened rice, onions, spices, and herbs. It is a traditional and authentic staple breakfast in Maharashtra. This recipe is easy to make and only takes a few minutes, making it a great option for breakfast. Follow along with step-by-step pictures and a video to learn how to make the Poha Recipe.

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Poha is a highly favored breakfast in India. It is a delicious and nutritious dish that is also satisfying and nourishing.

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About Poha Recipe

The recipe for Poha involves using flattened rice flakes, onions, and a mix of spices and herbs. This simple breakfast can be easily made at home, even by those who are new to cooking or living alone.

This recipe for Poha can be enjoyed as a breakfast, snack, or dinner option. It can be served alone or accompanied by a chutney of your preference. For added flavor and texture, you can also top it with sev before serving.

There are numerous methods for preparing Poha, including with or without onion, with added vegetables, or simply with onion and potato. When I am short on time, I often turn to a poha recipe and I am happy that my family enjoys it as well.

Poha, also known as flattened rice flakes, beaten rice, or parched rice, is a type of rice. It is known by various names such as aval (in Tamil), atukulu (in Telugu), chirea (in Bengali), and pauwa (in Hindi). Poha is a nutritious and easily digestible food. When soaked, it can be cooked easily and has a soft texture.

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Rice flakes, also known as beaten rice, have a high absorbency for water or milk, making them ideal for dishes such as upma, vada, and payasam. They can also be used in various recipes and ground into a batter for idli, dosa, and appam to achieve a fluffy texture.

Fast and easy dishes such as sweet poha with jaggery or aval urundai are great options for a quick evening snack. Another option is Poha Chivda, which involves frying poha and then seasoning it with spices and nuts.

The Poha Recipe is both nourishing and gentle on the stomach, making it perfect for a snack or breakfast. The addition of roasted peanuts adds a delightful taste and texture to the dish. If desired, cashews can be used as a substitute. Enjoying a warm cup of filter coffee with Poha is the perfect way to start a lazy weekend morning.


Poha Recipe | Kanda Poha | Kanda Batata Poha

Poha Recipe – Methods

Kanda Poha only contains onion and poha, while Kanda Batata Poha includes both potato and onion with poha. Here, “kanda” refers to onion and “batata” refers to potato. There are other variations, such as chura matar, where peas are added to the poha.

  • Kanda poha is a dish consisting of flattened rice, onion, and a mix of spices and herbs.

  • This dish, called Kanda Batata Poha, is prepared using flattened rice, onions, and potatoes.

Types of Poha

There are two types of flattened rice:

  • Thick flattened rice – This type of flattened rice is typically the preferred choice for this poha recipe, as well as dishes like upma.
  • Thin Poha – This type is extremely thin and ideal for making desserts such as kesari, sweet poha, etc.

In addition, poha can also be found in red and brown rice. For this recipe, I have chosen to use the thicker variety of poha, which is my personal preference.

Poha Recipe Ingredients

  • Choose between thick or thin poha depending on what is available and your preference. Be sure to soak and drain properly, as this is crucial for a perfect poha dish.

  • To incorporate onion into a dish, finely dice it and ensure it is freshly cut before use.

  • A basic seasoning is created by combining mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies. Turmeric powder is also added for both taste and color enhancement.

  • You have the option to include either peanuts or cashew nuts to add a crunchy texture.

  • Add a topping of shredded coconut and fresh cilantro leaves.

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Step-by-step instructions for making Poha Recipe.

Preparing Poha

Prepare all of your necessary ingredients.

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Soak 1 cup of flattened rice in water for 2-3 minutes. If using thick flattened rice, soak for 3-4 minutes. For thin flattened rice, 2 minutes is sufficient to avoid it becoming too soft.

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Pour out the water, wash it thoroughly, and put it aside.

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If you apply pressure with your fingers, the texture should be soft and not mushy. If it feels stiff, soak it for an additional 2 minutes. Be careful not to make the poha too mushy while soaking.

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Sprinkle salt according to your preference and incorporate 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder.

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Mix the ingredients thoroughly by tossing them together to ensure even distribution. Then, set the mixture aside.

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Heat up some oil in a pan. Then, add 2 tablespoons of peanuts and cook until they become crispy. Remove from the pan and place them on a plate to cool.

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Tempering for Poha

8.In the same pan add 1 teaspoon mustard seeds let it splutter then add 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds let it crackle then add few curry leaves and 1 green chilli, give a quick saute.

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Next, include one chopped medium onion.

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Cook until it becomes translucent.

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Adding Poha

11. Incorporate soaked and drained flattened rice.

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Mix quickly.

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Cooking Poha

Cover and cook for 2 minutes. If it seems too dry, you can add a small amount of water and continue cooking covered.

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Next, stir quickly and add salt to taste.

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Include roasted peanuts, 1 tbsp coconut, 1 tsp lemon juice, and 1 tbsp coriander leaves.


Mix briefly and turn off.

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Enjoy poha hot!

Expert Tips

  • Select the appropriate type of flattened rice. The crucial step for achieving a perfect poha dish is to soak and prepare the flattened rice.

  • Take out any small particles if they are there. Thoroughly clean before utilizing, but be careful not to soften it too much.

  • To make a heartier and vibrant poha dish, try incorporating carrots, peas, and potatoes.

  • I typically soak the poha while beginning to temper it, so that by the time the tempering is done, the poha has softened. Be cautious not to make the poha too mushy by being mindful of how much water you add. The soaking time may vary depending on whether you are using thick or thin poha.

  • I precooked the potatoes beforehand and then added them. You could also use raw potatoes and cook them together with sautéed onions.
  • Adding a pinch of sugar can enhance the flavor, if desired.

  • Substitute cashews for peanuts.

  • Increase the amount of coconut if you prefer a stronger flavor.

  • To create a masala version of poha, consider adding tomatoes.

Serving & Storage

Garnish with a generous amount of sev and fresh coriander leaves before serving while still hot.

Poha can be kept at room temperature for up to 10-12 hours, depending on the climate. After that, refrigerate it and reheat before serving.


What is the recipe for poha?

To make Poha recipe, start by soaking and draining the poha. Then, cook it with tempered spices and onion. Finally, top it off with coconut and coriander leaves for garnish.

What can be served with poha?

Poha can be accompanied by chutney or topped with sev and coconut as a garnish.

Why does my poha become soggy?

Be cautious when soaking and draining poha as it can become mushy if left for too long. Soak the poha for 2-3 minutes, adjusting the time based on the type of poha being used.

Why is my flattened rice tough and rubbery?

To ensure a proper texture, it is important to soak poha for the appropriate length of time before cooking. Otherwise, it may end up chewy and tough.

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Kanda Poha | Kanda Batata Poha

Kanda Batata Poha is a tasty snack or breakfast dish created by cooking flattened rice with potato, onion, and seasoned spices. This dish can be quickly prepared and is suitable for breakfast. Kanda refers to onion and Batata means potato.

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One of the traditional dishes from Maharashtra, Batata Poha consists of a combination of flattened rice and potatoes. Kanda Batata Poha, also known as Onion Potato Poha, is a variation of this dish with a few minor changes. This unique recipe for Aval Upma is quick and delicious, making it perfect for breakfast or as a snack. It’s also a great option for kids.


  • I used 1.5 cups of thick poha or aval.

  • 1 medium-sized boiled potato, chopped into 1/3 cup amount.

  • 1 big onion medium sized chopped finely
  • 2 tablespoon peanuts
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • salt to taste

To temper:

  • 2 teaspoon oil
  • 3/4 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • a small bunch of curry leaves

  • 1 green chilli finely chopped

Instructions for preparing Kanda Batata Poha.

  1. Wash the poha thoroughly and soak it in water for 3-5 minutes until it is just covered. While the poha is soaking, heat oil in a pan and add the ingredients listed under ‘to temper’. Let them sizzle, then add peanuts and cook until they are crispy.Aloo Poha Recipe - Step1PinPin

  2. Next, include onion and sauté until lightly browned. Afterwards, add boiled and chopped potatoes and turmeric powder. Stir everything together before adding sugar and giving a brief stir.Aloo Poha Recipe - Step2Pin

  3. At this point, the poha should have soaked up the water. Add it to the pan and mix well. Top with coriander leaves and turn off the heat. Squeeze in some lemon juice.Aloo Poha Recipe - Step3Pin

Garnish with lemon slices and serve while hot.

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📖 Recipe Card

Recipe for Poha | Onion Poha Recipe

Poha Recipe is a well-known morning meal consisting of flattened rice or poha, onion, spices, and herbs. This traditional dish is a breakfast favorite in Maharashtra. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and is ideal for breakfast. Follow along with step-by-step photos and a video to learn how to make Poha Recipe.

Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Servings2 people
AuthorSharmilee J


  • 1 cup poha thick variety
  • 1 medium sized onion finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoon peanuts
  • 1 tablespoon coconut
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon coriander leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • salt to taste

To temper

  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1 no green chillies roughly chopped
  • few curry leaves


  • Prepare all of your ingredients.

  • Submerge flattened rice in water for 2-3 minutes. I opted for thicker flattened rice (which I had on hand) so I soaked it for 3 minutes. If you are using thinner flattened rice, soaking for 2 minutes should suffice, otherwise it will become too soft.

  • Drain the water, thoroughly rinse, and then set aside.

  • Gently press with your fingers to ensure a soft texture, avoiding any mushiness or stiffness. If it remains stiff, soak for an additional 2 minutes. Be careful not to over-soak the poha to prevent it from becoming mushy.

  • Sprinkle in salt and turmeric powder according to your preference.

  • Thoroughly combine by stirring evenly. Then, set aside.

  • Heat up oil in a frying pan. Add whole peanuts and cook until they are crispy. Remove from the pan and place on a plate to cool.

  • Add mustard seeds to the pan and let them splutter. Then add cumin seeds and let them crackle. Next, add curry leaves and green chillies, and quickly sauté them.

  • Next, incorporate diced onion and cook until it becomes translucent.

  • Include wet and strained flattened rice. Mix briefly.

  • Cover and cook for 2 minutes. If it appears too dry, you can lightly sprinkle with water and continue cooking covered.

  • Next, mix everything together quickly. Taste and add salt as needed.

  • Mix in roasted peanuts, coconut, lemon juice, and coriander leaves.

  • Mix and turn off quickly to finish the Poha Recipe.


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  • Select the correct type of flattened rice. Properly soaking and preparing the flattened rice is crucial for a flawless poha dish. If there is any dirt or impurities, remove them.

  • Make sure to rinse thoroughly before using, but be careful not to overcook. For a heartier and visually appealing poha dish, add carrots, peas, and potatoes.

  • I typically let the poha soak while beginning to temper, so that by the time the tempering ingredients are ready, the poha has become soft. Be cautious not to over-soften the poha, so be mindful when adding water. Both thick and thin poha can be used, but the soaking time will differ accordingly.

  • I precooked the potatoes beforehand and then added them.
  • You have the option to include uncooked potatoes and cook them with sauteed onions.

  • Sugar adds a pleasant flavor, so feel free to add a dash if desired.

Nutrition Facts

Recipe for Poha | Recipe for Kanda Poha

Serving Size: 125 g

Calories 510
Calories from Fat 135

% Daily Value*

Fat 15g23%

Saturated Fat 2g13%

Trans Fat 0.03g

Polyunsaturated Fat 5g

Monounsaturated Fat 7g

Cholesterol 11mg4%

Sodium 723mg31%

Potassium 291mg8%

Carbohydrates 78g26%

Fiber 5g21%

Sugar 3g3%

Protein 16g32%

Vitamin A 416IU8%

Vitamin C 205mg248%

Calcium 130mg13%

Iron 5mg28%

The percentage of daily values is calculated using a diet of 2000 calories.

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